Asus has a new robot companion that's ready to join your family - Zenbo!

Zenbo makes its debut alongside the ZenBook 3

Come on, admit it, you've always wanted your very own Wall-E or Johnny Five trundling around the house. Well, your dreams of robotic company are finally coming true as Asus reveals the latest addition to its techy roster - the Zenbo.

The Taiwanese firm took to the stage at Computex 2016 in Taipei to unveil plenty of new products, including a new flagship smartphone, but it was the Zenbo that really stole the show.

For the same price as a regular smartphone (US$599, so that's around £410), the Zenbo comes with an interactive, touchscreen face that shows expressions to add a little more of human touch and can entertain children with songs, stories and games streamed direct to its facial display. It can also offer plenty of help to older users, includig reminding you to take medication, reminding you of appointments and contact emergency services if you take a fall.

It can also take control of smart devices in your home, such as speaker or thermostats, and alter each one via voice commands. No news on whether the Zenbo will be coming to the UK, but we're certainly intrigued by it nonetheless.

"For decades, humans have dreamed of owning such a companion: one that is smart, dear to our hearts, and always at our disposal," commented chairman Jonney Shih. "Our ambition is to enable robotic computing for every household."

There was also a new Zenbook!

At the same show, Asus also showed off its new generation of smartphones and laptops. The phones - the ZenFone 3, ZenFone 3 Deluxe, and ZenFone 3 Ultra. The Deluxe is the biggie, offering new smartphone camera tech for some seriously clean mobile photography. No news on a (doubtful) UK release for these, but we'll keep you posted if anything becomes official.

The ZenBook 3 packs speedy Core i5 and Core i7 processors, so no need to worry about this 11.9mm thin laptop from being a poor, underpowered device. In other words, it's more powerful than any MacBook.

Finally, there's the Asus Transformer 3 Pro, a 2-in-1 PC that combines top performance with serious portability to create a powerful mobile device for work and play. It comes with an Intel Core i7 processor and has up to a 1TB PCIe x4 SSD and 16GB of 2133MHz RAM for some impressive performance on the go. It was unveiled alongside the Transformer 3 and the new ZenBook 3 for all your mobile computing needs.

The Transformer 3 Pro will be available in August from Currys/PC World and John Lewis starting at £899.99/£1399.99.

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