Arc'Teryx's new lightweight mountaineering boot won't weigh you down as you scale those alpine peaks

The Arc'Teryx Acrux LT GTX boot is a three season boot engineered for precision

Arc'Teryx Acrux LT GTX boot
(Image credit: Arc'Teryx)

Arc'Teryx has launched a lightweight three-season GORE-TEX mountaineering boot. New in the SS21 range, the Acrux LT GTX boot is designed to deliver precision and efficiency. 

It's part of the same range as the technical trekking boot, the Arcteryx Acrux TR GTX – at number 3 in our best hiking boots ranking – and the Acrux AR mountaineering boot, which is for year-round mountain exploration. The Acrux LT GTX sits somewhere between the two: it's more specialised for tricky alpine hikes and climbs than the TR, but lighter and with less insulation than the AR, making it more comfortable for spring and summer trips.

At the heart of the design is a carbon midsole plate with a PU foam core, which is slimline 3mm thick and super lightweight, and adds stiffness from the heel to the toe. The idea is that it enables climbers to move confidently over challenging terrain. This boot clocks in at 650g, which is in line with other good, lightweight mountain boots on the market. 

Arc'Teryx Acrux LT GTX boot

(Image credit: Arc'Teryx)

There's a Vibram MONT outsole, which is the a version of the same grippy material that delivers traction on leading hiking boots, but specialised for more extreme use. It's designed to maintain its grip at low temperatures, and is firmer, to make it more suitable for use with crampons (these are semi-automatic crampon compatible). This is paired with the same brand's 'Litebase' technology, which basically means it's significantly lighter and slimmer than traditional Vibram Megagrip soles. 

A rubber toe cap has been 3D moulded, and there's a toe profile designed for precision on the trails. And of course, there's GORE-TEX for reliable waterproofing.

The Arc'Teryx Acrux LT GTX boot is available to buy now, with an RRP of GBP £300 / USD $400.

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