Apple's music streaming service may come with a free trial

"The bait is set, now we wait for subscribers..”

Apple has been waging war on free music streaming lately, cornering the likes of Spotify to drop the act. But reports suggest its own streaming service will offer a few perks of its own, including a free trial period to start you off.

According to a Re/code report, Apple's upcoming streaming service will offer subscribers a free trial period before they're required to fork out cash.

The relaunched Beats Music platform will reportedly offer subscribers up to 3 months free, but after that it's going to cost you. Unlike Spotify, Apple reportedly will never offer a free music option.

On top of that, Apple is also going to include a Soundcloud-like feature would allow subscribers to upload their own music that would be available to listen to for free.

There's also going to be a load of human-curated playlists on offer and possible a new version of iTunes Radio. We know that Apple recruited DJ Zane Lowe as well as four producers from BBC Radio 1, so the talent is definitely there to deliver something awesome.

Of late, Apple has been criticising free music streaming and pressuring Spotify to cut it out. While its meant to entice people to move onto paid subscriptions, only a fourth of its users actually do.

Apple hopes it can persuade record labels to not renew their licences for free music, and instead side with them in order to rake in the cash.

The streaming service is set to be announced at Apple's WWDC event next month, although it probably won't be launched until later in the year.