Apple Watch Ultra users just got a great free upgrade that divers will love

A new app will turn the flagship Apple Watch into a fully-fledged diving computer

Apple Watch Ultra gets the new Oceanic Plus app for proper diving credentials
(Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Watch Ultra has been around for a while now. The flagship Apple Watch is packed full of features that enable it to excel in the harshest of environments.

Now, thanks to a brand new app, it adds another environment to that list. The Oceanic+ app is available for download from the App Store from today, turning the Apple Watch Ultra into a fully-fledged dive computer for recreational divers.

With the app and the watch, divers can drop to depths of up to 40 metres, or 130 feet. The Oceanic+ app provides key information like a depth gauge and a temperature sensor, to enable quick access to the information needed while submerged.

The app, which has been designed in conjunction with scuba gear manufacturer, Huish Outdoors, has been created to provide all of the key features of an advanced dive computer. The companies' CEO, Mike Huish, said, "Oceanic+ on Apple Watch Ultra is one of the biggest innovations to hit the dive industry in a long time. We’re creating an accessible, shareable, better diving experience for everybody.”

So, what information is included on the app? For starters, the main screen tells divers how deep they are, how many minutes they are from the surface, the water temperature, and the no-decompression time.

There has also been an intelligent update to the haptic feedback as part of this. Apple and Huish have worked together to create a haptic feedback engine that can be felt, even when underwater and wearing a 7mm thick wetsuit. The haptic feedback also plays a vital role in cutting through echoing sounds whilst underwater.

Elsewhere, the app features a comprehensive dive planner, giving you all the information necessary up to three days in advance.

It's a fantastic upgrade for divers. For anyone else, it may be a little redundant. Though it certainly adds a level of credence and coolness to the Apple Watch Ultra. 

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