Apple Watch Series 8 to target Garmin smartwatches with 'Extreme' new model

The Apple Watch Series 8 'Extreme Sports' edition will be the biggest, longest-lasting Apple Watch to date

Apple Watch Series 7 being word on a man's wrist underwater
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It looks like the Apple Watch Series 7 is about to lose its crown as the biggest Apple Watch ever made: the rugged 'Extreme Sports' version of the Apple Watch Series 8 is going to have a bigger display, although that might not translate into a significantly bigger casing.

As for the casing, that's going to be different too: according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the metal casing will be made of a material that's stronger than the aluminium used in the standard Apple Watch models.

The new display will be almost two inches diagonally, and will deliver 7% more screen area than the 45mm Series 7. That would enable it to display more data on screen, which would be useful for athletes and other sportspeople. And there are some other fitness-friendly updates too.

Apple Watch Series 7

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Apple Watch Series 8: tougher, with more stamina

The extreme sports version of the Apple Watch Series 8 is going to have a stronger, more shatterproof display to go with that tougher casing, and that should make it much more impact-resistant than the current model (which I learnt the hard way is quite easy to smash by accident). And it's also getting a bigger battery so it can handle much longer workout times.

The standard Apple Watch Series 8 isn't expected to get a massive update this time around: it's likely to have a slightly improved S-series system on a chip and an improved low power mode, but rumours and leaks aren't describing any significant redesigns or massive upgrades. We are expecting a refresh of the Apple Watch SE, however: while we think it's the best smartwatch for most iPhone users who haven't already embraced the Apple Watch, it's starting to show its age.

The 'Extreme Edition' will also be a shot across the bow of Garmin, who has made a name for itself in the smartwatch world for making more rugged, outdoorsy smartwatches. Indeed, you only have to take a look at T3's best Garmin watch buying guide to see just how tough and robust their designs are, which the products geared towards use while doing adventurous and extreme activities.

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