Apple Watch Series 8 could launch with fewer colour options

Buyers could face fewer colour options with the new smartwatch

Apple Watch with watchOS 9
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple is widely expected to announce the new Watch Series 8, alongside the iPhone 14, at a product launch event called Far Out on 7 September.

While we haven’t yet seen the Watch Series 8 itself, there have been a lot of rumours to keep us informed, and now we have a pretty good idea of what colour options will be available for the new wearable.

This information comes from the Twitter account of an Apple leaker called ShrimpApplePro, along with Apple news and gossip website MacRumors. Such leaks tend to be fairly accurate, especially since the expected reveal of the new watch is now just a couple of weeks away.

First up, it is claimed that the number of colour options for the aluminium Watch Series 8 will decrease compared to the year-old Series 7. The Midnight and Starlight colour options will remain, it is claimed, and so too with a Product (Red) edition. But the blue and green options will disappear, to be replaced by a reinstated silver colour.

These changes suggest the blue and green options haven’t been as popular as Apple had hoped, while the reinstatement of silver, the Apple Watch’s original colourway, is a sign that customers prefer a more neutral look for their smartwatch.

Stepping up to the pricier stainless steel Apple Watch Series 8, and it is claimed the current colour options of gold, silver and graphite will go unchanged for the new model.

Lastly, the rumoured ‘Apple Watch Series 8 Pro’ – which we think should be called the Patagonia Edition – is expected to have a tougher case made from titanium, along with a slightly bigger display with a flat screen, and a larger battery. Although we’ve seen a lot of rumours about this watch, nothing has been said so far on what the colour options will be.

Apple’s current titanium Watch Edition is available in black and natural titanium. We don’t expect anything too outlandish here, and suspect Apple will either stick to these colourways, or offer something similarly traditional for what is expected to be its most expensive Watch (Hermès edition notwithstanding).

All is expected to be revealed at Apple’s next media event, which will be broadcast online on 7 September.

Alistair Charlton

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