Apple Watch Series 6 to get speed boost and improved waterproofing

Apple's next smartwatch is expected to land in the second half of 2020

(Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Watch Series 5 is just a few months old, but already we're hearing that Apple is working on its replacement.

Likely to be called the Apple Watch Series 6, the next-generation smartwatch is said to feature a faster processor than the current model and improved water resistance.

These claims come from Ming-Chi Kuo, the renowned technology analyst who has a strong track record for accurately predicting future Apple products months before they launch.

In a research note written by Kuo for investors and seen by MacRumors, the analyst claims the extra performance of the Watch Series 6 will come from a change in how its circuit boards are made.

This is because Apple is expected to switch from polyimide (PI) to liquid crystal polymer (LCP) for the construction of the smartwatch's circuitry.

A new, faster processor is also expected for the Watch Series 6, as the S5 chip used by the Series 5 only differs to that used by the Series 4 because it has a compass and a driver for the always-on display. There was no performance bump between the Series 4 and 5, so all eyes are on a powerful new processor for the Series 6.

The Apple Watch is already water-resistant enough for swimming in the pool, but improvements to this, as Kuo predicts, could mean the watch is also safe to use while diving, or during activities where it could be hit with higher pressure water, such as water skiing.

As has always been the case, we expect to see Apple announce the next generation of Watch at a launch event in September. For 2020, this event is also expected to include a range of new iPhones equipped with 5G for the first time.

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