Apple warranty document leaked

Reveals what Apple will and won't fix for free on the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c

An internal document that details what Apple will and won't fix when it comes to its latest iPhones has been leaked.

The document is designed to let employees know what kind of problems iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c customers may encounter, and what Apple will and won't cover.

Issues covered by the warranty include “debris under the display glass or pixel anomaly, a bent enclosure for the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5 where there is no cracked glass or visible points of impact, or a single hairline crack to the front glass or back inlay (the bits at the top and bottom of the aluminium rear),” according to Pocket-Lint.

It continues: "Problems not covered include liquid damage confirmed by the user, evidence of internal corrosion, any chips or fractures in the glass, LCD display fractures under the glass, or a damaged Lightning connector.

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“Also not included in the warranty are extreme abrasions, puncture holes or missing or damaged buttons. Split enclosures and audio jack damage where the hole is plugged with foreign material are also a no-no.”

While Apple will cover enclosure damage under warranty on the iPhone 5s, it will not on the iPhone 5c.

Issues completely ineligible for service, according to the document include: “a disassembled unit or one with missing parts, a phone with counterfeit or mismatched third-party parts, or a phone that has suffered catastrophic damage”.