Apple unveils its top shows for 2024, but you'll have to wait for Severance, Slow Horses and Silo

Apple has revealed its slate of top shows for the first half of 2024. There's some great TV here, but some of the streamer's favourites are MIA

Colin Farrell in Sugar
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Apple has revealed its slate of top shows for spring and summer 2024, but while there are some exciting-sounding shows coming up you'll need to wait a bit longer for the return of the streamers' biggest hits: season 2 of Severance, the second season of Silo and the fourth season of Slow Horses aren't in the early 2024 line-up – and we're not expecting to see them until at least late 2024 and possibly well into 2025.

Don't worry, though. There's still plenty of TV to get your teeth into, with some great-sounding new shows as well as the return of some familiar faces including season 2 of Loot and The Big Door Prize, both in April, and season three of Acapulco in May.

Here are the highlights.

What's coming to Apple TV Plus in spring and summer 2024

Sugar (April 2024)

This is the one we're most excited about: Colin Farrell plays the titular private eye in a genre-bending crime drama that begins with the mysterious disappearance of a Hollywood producer's granddaughter. Dark secrets are uncovered in a show that also features Amy Ryan, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, James Cromwell, and Anna Gunn.

Palm Royale (March 2024)

Kristen Wiig, Ricky Martin, Allison Janney, Laura Dern, Leslie Bibb and Carol Burnett star in this comedy series set in late-60s Florida where Wiig is Maxine Simmons, a woman who will do literally anything to mingle with the elite crowd at the Palm Royale club.

Manhunt (March 2024)

Outlander's Tobias Menzies is Edwin Staunton, the lawyer and politician who led the search for Abraham Lincoln's murderer John Wilkes Booth. Part historical fiction and part conspiracy thriller, this one looks like it's going to be gripping. From the limited imagery we've seen so far it also appears to be beautifully shot. Just like Lincoln. Ho-ho!

The Completely Made-up Adventures of Dick Turpin (March 2024)

Mighty Boosh and Bake Off star Noel Fielding is Turpin, the reluctant leader of a band of outlaws trying to outwit Hugh Bonneville's corrupt lawman. Inspired in part by The Princess Bride and the Monty Python movies, this one could be fun.

Franklin (April 2024)

Another historical drama, this time focusing on the 70-year-old Benjamin Franklin as he embarks on a secret mission to save American independence. It's based on the award-winning Great Improvisation: Franklin, France, And the Birth of America, and features Michael Douglas in the lead role.

Dark Matter (May 2024)

Fans of Silo and For All Mankind might want to check this one out: it's about a physicist who ends up living in an alternate version of his life before returning home and discovering the lines between different realities are getting awfully blurry. Not only that, but he has to face the ultimate enemy: the alternate reality version of himself. Jason Dessen stars alongside Jennifer Connelly, Alice Braga and Jimmi Simpson.

Presumed Innocent (June 2024)

Based on the novel of the same name which became a Harrison Ford movie in 1990, Presumed Innocent follows Jake Gyllenhaal's prosecutor whose life is turned upside down when he's accused of a terrible crime. The impressive cast includes Renate Reinsve, Ruth Negga, Bill Camp, Elizabeth Marvel, Peter Sarsgaard and O-T Fagbenle.

Land of Women (Summer, date tbc)

Eva Longoria is Gala, a wealthy but lonely New Yorker who has to go on the run when her husband's choices land them in deep trouble. Accompanied by her college-going daughter and her ageing mother, she flees to Spain to start afresh. Land of Women is based on the hit novel of the same name by Sandra Barneda.

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