Apple TV+ shows star power with Natalie Portman trailer that has fans excited

Apple's latest TV series is a psychological thriller starring Portman

The Lady in the Lake
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Apple might be one of the newer names in the streaming market (even if it feels really established by this point) but it's proving itself a dab hand at attracting the biggest stars – and often casting in roles that are outside of their typical remits. 

The past couple of months have seen it unveil shows or movies starring the likes of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, and now it's adding another Oscar-winner to its staple – Natalie Portman. She's starring in The Lady in the Lake, which just got its first proper trailer. 

Portman will play Maddie Schwartz, a housewife who's looking to upend her life and find fulfilment by making it as an investigative journalist, and will be opposite Obi-Wan Kenobi's Moses Ingram as Cleo Johnson, a mother who will eventually turn up murdered, exactly as the title desribes her. 

Lady in the Lake — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube Lady in the Lake — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube
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It looks like we're in for a bit of weird ride, too. Both Apple's description of the series and the second half of that trailer make it clear that things might not all be what they seem, and that psychological funny stuff is definitely on the cards. 

The show will apparently be a noirish thriller, and we can very much believe that based on some of the shocking glimpses as the trailer nears its conclusion, and there's more good news for those interested in it. The show isn't far away at all – it's premiering next month, on 19 July.

People have been reacting with some awe, too, with one person writing in the YouTube comments: "Apple TV has become the new HBO. Everything they've been putting out lately is of an extremely high quality." Another person added: "This year awards go to Apple TV+, they have really done great this year, kudos". 

They're not wrong – in the space of just this year, Apple will have added a whole host of award-winning big-name actors to its lineup, which might not be enough on its own to top the market and be crowned the best streaming service, but certainly won't hurt. 

It currently sits in second place in our own rankings for good reason, regardless – mostly because the shows and movies it puts out are consistently of a quality that the likes of Netflix and Prime Video should envy, even if there aren't hundreds of them. 

So, if you're keen to see Portman in her first major (and recurring) TV role for ages, circle 19 July in your diary and get hyped, because The Lady in the Lake is nearly here. 

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