Brad Pitt & George Clooney star together once again in new Apple TV+ movie

Wolfs looks like a whole heap of fun

(Image credit: Apple)

The race to be viewed as the best streaming service on the market is one that requires streamers to constantly one-up each other. Which has happened plenty in 2024 so far.

There are few ways better to do just that than by dropping a trailer for your newest movie not fronted by just Brad Pitt or just George Clooney – but the pair together. And that's exactly what Apple just did with forthcoming release, Wolfs

It's being described by Apple as an "action-comedy", centred around two grizzled fixers– professionals whose entire purpose is to make messy problems go away for people who have enough money to hire them.

Their paths cross when different people hire them to fix the same problem, one that clearly spirals out of control rapidly, going by the trailer. 

The movie will be out in cinemas on 20 September this year, and going by its previous release plans that means you might well be able to watch it on Apple TV+ before the end of 2024. 

Napoleon, after all, was in cinemas in November 2023 and then available to watch a few months later, and the same was true for Killers of the Flower Moon, too. All Apple TV+ aces.

That underlines the fact that Apple is getting pretty good at helming bigger productions, with more famous stars and directors, with few people guaranteeing more eyeballs than Pitt and Clooney together.

Their double-act has always been one underpinned by huge chemistry, with the Ocean's trilogy the perfect example of how they can bounce off one another. If you want something a bit more shocking, Burn After Reading is another great movie with them both at its heart. 

Back to Wolfs, though, and it's been written and directed by Jon Watts, who's fresh from a good few years working with Marvel as director for all three Tom Holland Spider-Man films, each of which made a box office bundle. 

We wouldn't expect Wolfs to match those numbers, but with these two stars fronting it, don't bet against it proving a hit. Here's hoping it'll be on Apple TV+ before the year is out.

Max Freeman-Mills

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