Apple may have just acquired mobile fuel cell patents

The juiced up tech could mean future iPhones lasting weeks without charge

Leaked info suggests Apple might have got its hands on much-coveted fuel cell patents for its mobile devices.

Apple may have just acquired patents for fuel cell technology, meaning future devices like the iPhone or MacBooks could potentially run for weeks without charge.

If the Daily Mail's report is to be believed (just go with it, okay?), Apple might be partnering with Loughborough-based fuel cell firm Intelligent Energy to work on bring the tech to Cupertino.

The article reads: "Intelligent Energy revealed upon floating that it bought a bundle of patents in tandem with a major 'international electronics company'."

"It has kept the identity of its partner a closely-guarded secret. But a source, who has knowledge of the partnership, confirmed that Apple is the big name working with the firm."

According to MacRumors, Intelligent Energy already has links to Apple, having hired former Cupertino exec Joe O'Sullivan - who helped launch the original iMac during his 15-year Apple stint - as IE's C.O.O just three years ago.

Fuel cells convert chemical energy into electricity with exceptional effiency, which gives them good standing to find a new home as Apple tech innards.

Apple devices are known for having a sub-par battery life, with Samsung recently mocking iPhone users as 'wall-huggers' in a video ad. Maybe fuel cell tech will put a stop to the teasing once and for all.

Source Daily Mail

Via MacRumors