Apple Magic Keyboard vs Logitech K480: which keyboard is the better buy?

We compare the Apple Magic Keyboard and Logitech K480

Apple Magic Keyboard vs Logitech K480
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Today we're comparing Apple Magic Keyboard and Logitech K480 in our eternal quest to find the best keyboard for everybody. Over the past few years, Apple and Logitech have been at the forefront of wireless keyboards, developing attractive designs that are used by millions across the world.

Many of you will likely already be familiar with Apple's Magic Keyboard – first released in 2015 – and Logitech has been making some serious waves in the computer accessory market in recent years and especially since Covid-19 forced many of us to work from home. 

Getting the right keyboard could not be more essential and having the wrong one will hamper your productivity, introduce typos, and most likely strain your fingers and wrists.

Both the Apple and Logitech keyboards are sleek, well-designed, and will make your typing experience a whole lot smoother. Let's jump in.

Apple Magic Keyboard vs Logitech K480

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Apple Magic Keyboard vs Logitech K480: features

Both the Apple Magic Keyboard and Logitech K480 are wireless keyboards, using a Bluetooth connection, which helps keep your desk free from clutter. They also both offer a full-size keyboard, reducing strain on your hands and wrists.

Beyond this, there are some differences. 

The most notable is the Logitech's K480 is designed for both Mac and Windows, while Apple's is specific to the Mac, which should make the choice a bit easier for anyone using a PC. Elsewhere, Apple's is rechargeable while Logitech's needs two AAA batteries. 

On balance, these two keyboards offer basically the same features, including wireless connections, full-sized keyboards, and long-lasting battery life. The cross-comparability of Logitech's gives it an edge, however. 

Apple Magic Keyboard vs Logitech K480

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Apple Magic Keyboard vs Logitech K480: design

The biggest differences between Apple's Magic Keyboard and Logitech's K480 come from the design. 

As with all things Apple, the Magic Keyboard is minimal, subtle, and fits well with the stripped back aesthetics of its computers. It'll blend in well with the most minimal of rooms and desks, never drawing too much attention to itself. And there's a lot to be said for this approach. 

Logitech have taken a slightly different tact with the K480 – even over other models, like the Magic Keyboard-like Logitech K380 – and given it a large tray at the back, which can hold iPhones, iPads, and other devices while you type on them. There's also a jog-wheel for selecting which device to pair with. 

It also goes without saying that Logitech wins if you like to have keyboards in colours other than white and grey. While Apple does offer a black version and new coloured versions of the Magic Keyboard, these can only be bought alongside iMacs. Logitech, on the other hand, offers black/green and white/black models as standard. 

Apple Magic Keyboard vs Logitech K480: verdict

While it's a very close call, of the two keyboards we'd recommend Logitech's K480 for both Mac and Windows users: being able to connect three devices and toggle between them is super nice, the colour schemes are more fun, and the AAA batteries will last up to a year. 

Apple's Magic Keyboard is an exceptional keyboard and a default choice if you have a Mac already, but Logitech's cross-comparability wins out. Plus, you're much more likely to find a good deal on the K480 than the Magic Keyboard. 

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