Apple MacBook Air under fire as LG announces sleek new LG Gram

The Apple MacBook Air just got a powerful new rival in the form of the 2021 LG Gram

Apple MacBook Air M1 LG Gram 2021
(Image credit: LG)

The LG Gram is already securely lodged in T3's best lightweight laptops guide, with us praising its 'fantastic 17-inch screen', 'lightweight design' and 'strong battery life'.

The LG Gram is, though, currently beaten by the brand new Apple MacBook Air, which in its new M1 incarnation wins our approval for the best premium lightweight laptop.

That, though, looks like it could be about to change dramatically. This is because LG has just announced its new LG Gram range at CES 2021 and, simply put, it looks stunning.

The new 2021 LG Gram range includes five new models, including LG gram 17 (model 17Z90P), LG gram 16 (model 16Z90P), LG gram 14 (model 14Z90P), LG gram 2-in-1 16 (model 16T90P) and LG gram 2-in-1 14 (model 14T90P).

Every single one of these new Gram laptops come with 16:10 aspect ratios, which means more screen real estate and, as such, enhanced productivity thanks tot he ability to show more information on screen at one time.

The flagship new model, though, is the LG Gram 17, which despite offering a large 17-inch screen now only weighs 1.35kg (2.98lbs). This laptop, as all models in the range do, runs off Intel's Evo Platform, which means 11th-gen Intel Core processors, Xe graphics chips and LPDDR4x memory. And those combined point to incredibly slick performance.

The new LG Gram 16 and 14 also appear to take portability to a new level with 1.19kg (2.62lbs) and 999g (2.2lbs) scale weights, as well as very thin 1.68cm (0.66 inch) thickness.

Apple MacBook Air LG Gram

(Image credit: LG)

Hybrid laptop fans also seem to be well catered for in both the new 16-inch and 14-inch 2-in-1 versions of the LG Gram, which both come with 360-degree screen hinges. Both these systems also come with a digital stylus that is compatible with Wacom AES 2.0 for enhanced navigation and control.

Speaking on the announcement of the new LG Gram range, Jang Ik-hwan, senior vice president and head of the IT business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company said that:

"Synonymous with unprecedented portability and first-class performance, the LG gram brand continues to raise the bar for the ultra-slim laptop market. With sleeker, more refined designs and 16:10 aspect ratio displays while maintaining light weight, our latest LG gram line-up gives consumers the ability to enjoy better productivity and more immersive viewing experiences wherever they go."

Here at T3 we think the LG Gram range looks very impressive on paper and will almost certainly prove incredibly fierce competition for the Apple MacBook Air M1. The fact that LG is bringing a 14, 16 and 17-inch variant to market this year means there's plenty of sizes to choose from, too.

Naturally, T3 will be looking to go hands on as soon as possible, so be sure to check back into the site soon for our full, official take. And, for the best prices available today on the existing LG Gram, be sure to check out the deals chart below.

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