Apple iPhone XR deal: get 60GB data for the price of 10GB on EE right now

The top-tier iPhone XR with 60GB of data at one of the lowest prices we've ever seen.

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Finding objectively good savings on iPhone XR models is a pretty difficult feat but we think we've done it with this EE deal that offers 60GB of data for the price of 10GB on the high-end 256GB storage version, all for £54 per month with just £30 upfront. That means you're getting a crazy good smartphone at a crazy good price.

As we noted in our iPhone XR review, this is a truly astonishing smartphone, pushing the boundaries in all sorts of cool ways: incredibly all-day battery life, a camera that will blow you away, an amazing and big screen, and really slick and powerful user experience. We can't really recommend it enough and, because the iPhone 11s are now on the cards, good deals are now appearing. 

The 256GB aspect is what really makes this deal worth having as some users will quickly find that 64GB just isn't enough, especially if you want to store lots of media content. Having the higher storage options usually pushes the price way up, but not here. Plus, you can pick between any of the XR's striking colour options.

Apple iPhone XR (256GB) | EE contract | 60GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £54 per month | £30 upfront | 24 month contract | Available now

Apple iPhone XR (256GB) | EE contract | 60GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £54 per month | £30 upfront | 24 month contract | Available now
This deal from EE has it all: a crazy amount of data, perhaps more than you could ever use, alongside a high-end XR model with a pretty cheap monthly price and very low upfront cost. Take it from us, you will have to try hard to find a better deal.

So, if your smartphone is starting to show its age and you want to upgrade – or maybe you just fancy a new smartphone anyway – look no further than this stellar deal on EE.

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