This iPhone 16 Pro feature could really upset Michael Bay

iPhone 16 Pro rumour suggest that the camera is going to get some special treatment

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max
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Apple is rumoured to be introducing a new coating for the iPhone 16 Pro camera lenses that could eliminate lens flare, a visual effect often used by directors like Michael Bay. This anti-reflective coating could significantly reduce or eliminate unwanted bright spots in photos.

We're expecting the iPhone 16 family to be announced in September and there's no shortage of speculation around Apple's plans. Now there's a rumour suggesting that the camera is going to get a feature that could upset Hollywood director Michael Bay.

Michael Bay is known for his highly-stylised movies and one characteristic shot Bay often uses has the hero standing there majestically while the camera pans past, lens flare skittering across the frame. Michael Bay isn't the only culprit - JJ Abrams loves the effect too.

But according to reports (via MacRumors), the iPhone 16 Pro might have its lens treated to remove lens flare and ghosting. The report is rather sketchy, citing a source within Apple's supply chain and claiming that Apple is going to introduce atomic layer deposition (ALD) for the iPhone camera lenses.

ALD is a process that can be used to apply anti-reflective coatings. Most camera lenses are already treated to reduce reflections, but if this rumour turns out to be accurate, it could be that lens flare is a thing of the past, or drastically reduced, at least.

Lens flare happens when a light source causes reflections off the lens elements. As the light bounces around inside the lens, it appears as bright spots. It's common when taking pictures with the sun in frame, such as sunsets, but it's also common in low-light photography when there's something like a streetlamp. In these instances it's unwelcome, the bright spots uncharacteristic within a darker scene.

What do we know about the iPhone 16 Pro?

Rumours have suggested that the iPhone 16 could have an additional button - a capture button - that might enhance its camera experience. It has also been rumoured that the periscope telephoto lens will be on both the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max. Previously, only the iPhone 15 Pro Max had the extended zoom lens.

We're expecting the new iPhone to offer greater AI capabilities, with new hardware to support this, while higher capacity batteries might also be included. Exactly what those AI skills might be is likely to be revealed at WWDC in June, but as is often the way with Apple launches, we're not expecting to know much about the iPhone 16 until it's announced in September.

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