Apple's iPad Air 2 to enter production this month?

Faster processor, better battery life and more powerful camera rumoured

Apple will begin building the iPad Air 2 later this month, if some new reports out of Korea are to be believed.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Air 2 in October, and according to Korean news, the next iteration will be hitting the manufacturing plants in a matter of days.

The screen is up first, with the camera and processor modules following into mass production in July.

It's widely expected that the iPad Air 2 won't change much style-wise. Even the screen is expected to stay the same, retaining the 1,048 x 1,526 pixel display found in the current model.

The biggest upgrade is expected to be the processor. According to rumours, it will (unsurprisingly) be faster, and will enable a better battery life.

The camera is also in line for an upgrade, with sources telling 9to5Mac that it will be boosted from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels. That would put it at the same level as the iPhone 5S.

Apple is widely expected to announce the tablet at an event around a month after the the iPhone 6 unveiling. Considering iPhone's usually get the big reveal in September, we reckon the iPad Air 2 will appear mid-October.