Apple insider betrays almost every launch set for new iPhone event

From the new 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, to a Face ID-toting new iPad Pro, and onto an Apple Watch Series 4 with slimmer bezels, all is revealed

Apple new iPhone event September 12 launch Apple Watch
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Renowned Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed almost everything his information indicates Apple is about to announce at its new iPhone September 12 event.

Many new products had been rumoured to be incoming at Apple's new iPhone event, culminating just this morning with the new iPhone XS getting revealed in full via leaked pictures. However, now thanks to Kuo it seems we know pretty much everything that is about to be launched.

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The products Kuo states are incoming are as follows:

  • A 6.1-inch iPhone that is set to launch in "late Sep-early Oct due to quality issues of assembly and display". This is most likely the budget LCD iPhone, named the iPhone XC and iPhone XR on the tech rumour mill.
  • A new iPad Pro that features Face ID. Kuo notes that this new iPad Pro will also switch from packing a Lightning port to a USB-C port, with a new 18W USB-C charger included in the box.

  • Kuo also believes a low-price new MacBook is about to be announced that will replace the 12-inch MacBook in Apple's range. Intriguingly, Kuo notes that this may feature Touch ID without the Touch Bar.
  • New AirPods 2 are coming with AirPower charging mat. It has been rumoured elsewhere that the successor to the original AirPods will have in-built Siri functionality.

New iPhone Apple event September 12

Kuo predictions for the new products to expect at Apple's 12 September event. Image credit: Ming-Chi Kuo

Kuo's commentary was first reported on by 9to5Mac and, as it normally is, if it is true it would leave us on the verge of one Apple's biggest events to date, with refreshes across many of its tech ranges.

Indeed, so far the only major product line that hasn't been widely called as getting a new product is Apple's HomePod.

One thing is for sure, though, if Apple can deliver a new iPhone XS flagship like the one depicted here alongside all the devices called by Kuo, then it will be very well positioned to take on its rivals going into 2019.

Be sure to check in to's Apple event hub now to find out how you can watch tomorrow's big show live.

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