Apple iPhone 7 event as it happened: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Nike+ Watch, Mario and Pokemon

It’s back, it’s bad, it’s black, its battery life is mad (well, 2 hours longer on average)

APPLE iPhone 7 now comes in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB sizes, priced from $649. UK Pricing to follow.

Apple iPhone 7 battery life

Phil Schiller: "You can expect to get 2 more hours per day on your battery life."

There were a long list of specific battery stats but they're a bit meaningless. "2 more hours" on average seems, good, I guess, Better than "2 fewer hours," for sure.

Apple iPhone 7 processor

The four-core A10 Fusion chip powers this thing and Phil Schiller wants you to know it is AWESOME! It runs low-demand processes on two lower powered cores for longer battery life. More processing stuff, blah. The GPU is 240x faster than the original iPhone. I'm not convinced that's a useful metric.

As usual, "console level" gaming is boasted of. Hard to judge the veracity of that. Clearly the gap is narrowing. A bigger focus on Haptic feedback is maybe the key upgrade here.

Apple iPhone 7 headphone socket screen and audio

There are now stero speakers! Time to trade in those Beatles mono LPs, dad. They delver "twice the volume", which seems logical.

Yes, there's no 3.5mm audio jack any more.Hit the road, jack. But it's okay, Lightening is an awesome audio output!

You get Lightening headphones in the box and an adaptor, if you're some kind of old git who want s to use a connector from what, 1956 or something.

And do you know why Apple has done this? Courage.

The headphone connector was like a big fat man living in your small flat and eating all your food. Apple has had the courage to kill that man. Thank god.

But really they want you to go wireless…

But not with Bluetooth. No no no. As widely leaked, Apple is going with 'Airpod' earphones that use some other codec, with higher audio quality, easier switching between devices, buds that sense they're in your ears and start playing automatically, and all that.

To be honest, Bluetooth is not great for audio. Once again we must grudgingly admit Apple probably has a point here. The power behind this throne: the W1 chip, Apple's first wireless chip.

These things are literally wireless, as in they aren't even joined together with a wire. I predict many, many lost Airpods in the coming years.

As well as Apple's own buds, Apple subsidiary Beats is doing some. Well of course.

Sorry, didn't you say something about a screen earlier?

Umm… yes. Now, the Retina HD display now has wider colour gamut and is generally better. I was having a leak. Colour space is no longer sRGB and is now, what CMYK? Sorry, missed that bit.

Apple iPhone 7 camera

The camera now has Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) on all iPhones. "50% more light can now reach the sensor". All-new 12-megapixel sensor. f1.8 aperture.

The LED flash "puts out 50% more light" and has a sensor to detect flickering artificial light.

Presumably the new image processor then corrects. As the limits of lens and sensor tech have now been pretty much reached, it makes sense Apple would concentrate on the processing behind them.

Headline stat: 25ms to shoot a photo, whatever the shooting circumstances.

Increased colour gamut, improved low-light performance, etc.

It can now shoot in RAW format.

Other headline stat: the camera is now better than on the last one

That is unusual for a smartphone camera.

The front cam is up from 5 megs to 7 megapixels, with OIS.

It's now water and dust resistant to IP67 standard.

The Home button is now more responsive to touch. Not just on/off but quasi-haptic.

Mm-mmm, hearing about industrial design processes gets me HOT.

It now comes in Jet Black, Black and None More Black, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. No Space Grey?!

APPLE iPhone 7 now comes in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB sizes

This chunky fella now has two cameras with different lenses, so you can 'zoom' or at least have different aspect ratios. Kind of like the LG G5 but in effect a 2x telephoto rather than a wide-angle. For zoomed images this should be better, to be fair. Maximum zoom is now 10x although obviously much of that is digital zoom, not optical.

It also gives much better shallow depth of field effects and bokeh, which Phil Schiller carefully explains like we've never heard of that before. The thing in the foreground is sharp; the thing in the background is very much not. It's quite a popular effect that you may have seen once or twice in the last few years.

Weirdly, this comes 'later this year' as a software update rather than straight out of the box.


HomeKit is the big news here.

Is it really though? The Messages updates are probably more significant for most people :)


Apple Watch Series 2: Meet the new watch!

Watch Series 2 is $369 and seems to be aimed pretty squarely at what might once have been called "jocks" but now encompasses hiking mums, cycling dads, Spencer Hart of T3 and all manner of normal people who aren't muscle-bound arses. I can kind of see how it could pay off. It doesn't look too rugged or sporty. In fact…

Watch Series 1 now also has the same dualcore processor as the Series 2 and costs $269.

From a distance, you'd have to say it looks VERY similar to Watch series 1. It now comes in a new material: a ceramic that's as hard as steel but so much smoother and, mmm… lovely. There are new Hermés straps.

The new, dualcore processor is "up to 50% faster" and the GPU is "up to twice as powerful".

The display is "more than 2x brighter than before". It's 1,000nits, which is Apple's "brightest ever display". Well, maybe.

There's now built in GPS so it's more useful for runners and walkers and Alpine uphill skiers and suburban uphill gardeners.

What DOES look sporty is the new tie-up with regular Apple chum Nike: the Apple Nike+ watch, "the ultimate running watch".

Just tell Siri you're going to go for a run, head off, bosh. Potentially in an inspiring way, it'll tell you "you've not run for a while", or "how about a run today?" or "Hey fatso, get out there and run."

Extra feature: "Just do it Sundays". This is actually nothing to do with sex, but encourages you to join Nike athletes worldwide in going for a bit of an amble.

Main message here: this is about inspiration and encouragement, not metrics. That makes sense too, even if it is a rather woolly concept.

It's "swimproof" to 50m. Don't get me started on how complex waterproof ratings are. But it's going to stand up to swimming for sure, thanks to sealed ports and a speaker that actually pushes out water. That's not a new idea, but Apple Watch Series 2 is definitely far less clunky than Nixon or Casio's waterproof phones.

POKÉMON FUCKING GO IS COMING TO WATCH! Shipping before the end of the year.

Pokémon Go players have walked over a billion miles playing the game so far. And not all of that is whilst fleeing from muggers. Now your Apple Watch will ping and vibrate as you approach PokéStops, whatever they are.

You will never miss a PokéStop.

Tim is of the opinion it's been a smash hit. Actually in terms of revenue it has been.

Obviously it's smartwatch #1. And it's also made Apple #2 in terms of revenue of all watch brands everywhere. So bigger than Rolex and Tag Heuer for instance.

So now they're talking about WatchOS 3, Mindfulness, blah blah. Recapping the last WatchOS stuff from the Apple event way back in July.

Look out for Spencer Hart's in-depth review of WatchOS 3, coming soon…

Work collaboration thing

Well this seems exciting. It's Google Docs I think. Oh no, it's Apple Collaborative Thing!

Okay possibly I just missed something, but that appeared to demonstrate nothing. But collaborative work/education documents are a good thing.

Apple connect-ed schools

Apple's community schooling programme continues to roll out, providing underfunded schools with Apple gear.

New app: "Everyone Can Kerd" Teaches Swift coding language to kids. Okay it's actually Everyone Can Code, I was thrown by Tim Cook's accent.

It's funny because the idea of mega corporations being involved with helping education in this way would be somewhat controversial in the UK, but in the US apparently there are no issues.

Apple App Store: gaming is now popular on this

Mario now on App Store! Tim is chuffed about this, as well he might be. Here's Shigeru Miyamoto to talk us through it, via an interpreter.

Super Mario Run. Oh god, not Temple Run but with Mario?

Yes pretty much.

There's also a battle mode, so you can take on pals. You can see where he or she is gathering toads and coins. You can expand your mushroom kingdom.

So in summary: App store hugely successful, gaming massive, Mario now on App Store. Seems, as ever, kind of psychedelic.

Pricing TBC but will be flat fee not PTP.

Apple Music update: T-Cooz now on stage

Music has long inspired Apple. Apple Music has now has 17 million subscribers listening to 30 billion songs. Or maybe vice versa.It's hard to hear, because the atmos is so electric.

Apple Music is the pree-meer destination for hearing new music, from the likes of Taylor Swift, Frank Ocean, Darts, The Fall and more.

The London, England iTunes Music Festival will feature Lord Elton John, Sir Robert Williams, One Republic (Tim's fave)… And you can watch it on your Apple TV.

Oh, and that's it for Apple TV. Get on with it Tim, we don't care about this. iPhone 7! iPhone 7!


James Corden is driving his mum to the Apple event. Oh, no, it's Tim Cook. He LOVES One Republic.

The way Tim dresses is quite distinctive. Everything is slightly too big, and in a colour that doesn't suit him and clashes with whatever else he's wearing.

Oh, now they've picked up a hooker.


It's Pharrel Williams.


You join us from our vantage point immediately next to Apple's in-house camera team as Apple Event '16 girds its loins for revealing! Some awful cack playing, courtesy of Apple Radio and Zane Lowe, as is now part of this ancient ritual. Cheers.

Breaking news

This picture from our colleague Gavin Beavis seems to confirm something. See those little circles at the table's edge? That's right: boat key holders. The Apple Boat is real, people.

Boring preamble

Quite bored now, might go home. Have a look at some cases.

Not an awful lot a g'wan so far. Room filling up with techy types.

Too new.

So we were talking about this in the office earlier, by which I mean on Slack. What exactly could Apple possibly add to the iPhone at this point that would be really exciting?

Slightly better camera, slightly faster fingerprint sensor, slightly more or less rounded corners? Longer battery life would be nice but you know that isn't happening.

What would YOU like to see, readers? Smartphones are already amazing, by any reasonable, historic metric. How would YOU make them amazinger?

The venue is named after a dead concert promoter

The event, of course is at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco. Pop by if you're in the area. They won't let you in, though.

Our favourite iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus rumour so far today is that it's not only adios headphone socket, but that Apple might not even support Bluetooth on its own-brand "Airbud" headphones. That would be a VERY Apple thing to do. Obviously, it won't get rid of Bluetooth entirely (yet), so you can safely shop from our updated list of the best Bluetooth headphones.

Hopefully it will mean a situation more like Recent headphones from Sony, which support its higher resolution LDAC codec alongside ye olde Bluetoothe.

It also appears from THIS screen grabbed 'Oops, we put this live too soon' Apple Store 'leak' that there will be no 7 Pro, just a 7 and a 7 Plus. That's courtesy of those scamps at Gizmodo UK. Go visit their site now. But then come back here.

Mic check, one two. Is this on?

Okay, we're limbering up for a 17:30 BST start, looking forward to big things, new innovations, no more headphone sockets and, just maybe, an Apple Car.

But probably not.

Apple head honcho Tim Cook will mount the stage later today, like the BFG, to reveal the next iteration of the company's all-conquering iPhone. Here's what to expect and how to watch and follow.

It's more than fair to say a new iPhone is a Very Big Deal™ in the world of tech. We've known it's been coming for a while and rumours surrounding the device have ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous.

What we're expecting from Apple today

We'll definitely get a new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with dual camera, although there's a rumour around an iPhone 7 Pro that's compatible with the Apple Pencil and potentially an attachable keyboard case as well - like the iPad Pro. We might end up just seeing Apple Pencil compatibility for the iPhone 7 Plus, however.

There will also be an announcement of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra and - potentially - new Macs and a second Apple Watch.

Don't forget to check out the latest on the iPhone 7 price - we'll also bring you the latest deals after launch.

When is the Apple Special Event?

The event is scheduled for today, Wednesday September 7 2016 in San Francisco, and will start at 18:00 BST in the UK, that's 10:00 PDT, 13.00 EDT or 03:00 Thursday September 8 AEST if you're in Australia.

How to follow the Apple Special Event on the web

You can follow our own T3 Apple Live Blog from this very page. Apple now live streams its launch events, although it didn't always. On a Mac, open Safari and browse to the Apple September 2016 Special Event page, which will host a live video stream of the iPhone 7 launch event. As long as you have Windows 10, as you can use Microsoft's Edge web browser to view the livestream, too.

On social, Apple has recently set up its Twitter account - we're expecting live tweets from the event to appear there. We've also set up our own Apple Events Twitter List so you can check out our tweets as well as Apple's and those of our sister titles TechRadar, MacFormat and Mac:Life.

How to watch the Apple launch event on iPhone, iPad and iPod

To watch the event on an iPhone, iPad or iPod all you need to do is make sure it's running iOS 7 or later, open up Safari and browse to the Apple September 2016 Special Event page

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