Apple AirPods 3 launch live stream: how to watch it and what to expect

Apple AirPods 3 to debut at Apple's big event

AirPods 3
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Today, we finally get to see what new products Apple will be unveiling at September’s Apple Event, with the headline features expected to come from the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, and, perhaps most intriguingly, the AirPods 3. So, although the next-gen iPhones will take center stage (and, we have copious reports on what new features we might expect from the new smartphones), there’s much more on offer. 

The AirPods 3 launch is by no means a shoo-in, but it’s looking increasingly likely that we’ll see a newly-designed, next-gen edition of the AirPods. These days, Apple events aren't just the preserve of the lucky few, either. Anybody can join the stream live, whether you're just dropping in to check out the latest iPhone, or wanting to invest an entire evening into soaking up all the latest releases.

Either way, we've got you covered. You can tune into the event, which goes live at 10am Pacific time, 1pm ET or 6pm in the UK. The event will broadcast live from Apple’s YouTube channel, as well as the latest Apple TV app, where you tune in and watch the event through the app and supported TVs.

Historically speaking, Apple's naming conventions have eluded even the most well-informed tipsters. Apple opted to replace the AirPods with the current generation of AirPods; it was the same name, but with different innards, plus a wirelessly chargeable case. For example, they weren't called the AirPods 2.

Between this, we've seen the more powerful AirPods Pro with active noise-cancelation (ANC) and the ultra-premium AirPods Max. It seems unlikely that Apple will use the AirPods 3 moniker for the new iteration of its AirPods, instead preferring to choose a less abrasive name like the AirPods or AirPods (3rd generation). The latter seems more in line with Apple's past branding choices and makes the new earbuds more easily identifiable to older-generation models.

It's all very exciting and very easy to lose track of rumors and speculation. To be clear: these AirPods may still not launch, but, if they do, we've compiled a more in-depth exploration of all the AirPods 3 info in our round-up article, though it's still missing lots of details around what to expect. Fingers-crossed, today should put an end to any further guesswork, with Apple hopefully revealing the new earbuds alongside a range of other mouth-watering gadgetry. Stay tuned.

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