Apple's 9th September event: what to expect?

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 L, iWatch, e-wallet, and a giant sugarcube...

Tick-tock goes the Apple clock, with just over 24 hours left to go until the iPhone 6 launch event. Here's the latest...

This is it folks. We're just shy of a day away from Apple's Cupertino hoedown, and there's been an unkickable cacophony of chatter about what the Californian firm is planning to launch.

From absolutely massive smartphones to wrist-borne gadge, there's no telling what Apple might drop on us come the 9th September.

It looks like there'll be two iPhone 6s, an iWatch/wearable device, a drop-date for iOS 8, and some sort of e-wallet/mobile payment system. What else is in store, we're not quite sure.

Apple's set up a dedicated page to count us down to the big day. It's certainly no fun to watch, so in the meantime you can check out T3's round-up of what to expect from Apple this year...

The event...

Image via Cnet.

First up is the event itself. Apple sent out its invites late last month, with the notes captioned '9.9.2014 wish we could say more'.

The fast-approaching event is set to be held at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts at De Anza College in Cupertino, California, USA.

It's the same venue that the late Steve Jobs used to launch Apple's original Mac 30 years ago.

The fruity firm has already built a giant box at the campus that's expected to play some part in the event next month. It looks sort of like a supersized sugar cube, we think.

Speculation is rife on what could be inside the mystery box. Some think Apple's invitation of top fashionistas and style bloggers to the event means there's a catwalk set up inside to show off suspected wearables.

Others have suggested it could be a Mac museum, paying homage to 30 years of the device's existence.

It could also be something horrendously dull like a hands-on area for the select journos (including T3's own Matt Hill) to have a tinker with the goodies.

Looks like we'll just have to wait and see.

iPhone 6

Could this be the iPhone 6?

Front and centre of rumour mill output is the iPhone 6 - no surprises there. Leakers and rumourers have had a field day with this one, unleashing an endless supply of purported iFacts to the web over recent months.

What's to expect from the next Apple handset then?

For starters, it's generally accepted that there's going to be a boost to screen real estate, with the next iPhone reckoned to measure up at 4.7-in.

That's a sizeable leap from the current 4-in, and an interesting departure from the historically teeny iPhone screens.

We're also fairly sure Apple's readying up an NFC-powered mobile payment system, that should let you thrown down cash at willingly contactless brick-and-mortar retailers.

Apparently Apple's in cahoots with the top brass of finance firms like Visa and American Express in an effort to bring its e-wallet to fruition.

Innards should consist of the NFC chip, an A8 chip, the closed-off TouchID module, and either a light-up or carved liquidmetal logo.

Design changes include a much flatter phone with rounded sides. We're expecting a protruding camera like the iPod Touch, and thick antenna bands running around the top and bottom of the device.

Colour schemes shouldn't be too different, with the iPhone 5S options looking likely for a repeat with the iPhone 6.

The screen's also expected to make use of sapphire glass, which should keep your screen scratch free.

It's worth mentioning - before the militant hordes of keyboard warriors do, of course - that super-hard materials like diamond will scratch the screen. But if your pockets are filled with diamonds then you're probably not too fussed about a couple of scuffs anyway...

There's plenty more chatter about the iPhone 6 that you can check out at T3's rumour round-up page.

iPhone 6L

Double-whammy: are we expecting a Tim Cook 2-4-1?

This is where it gets interesting. Looks like Apple might be doubling down on its iPhone 6, with a much larger handset in the works - staunchly opposing Jobs' assurance that 4-inches corner-to-corner was plenty for the average palm.

The rumoured iPhone 6L should, according to the rumour mill, sport a LG G3-matching 5.5-in screen.

We've seen plenty of leaked images, videos, and general whispers of a sized-up Apple smartphone, and we reckon it's about time.

Most major smartphone manufacturers now offer phablet-esque devices and rightly so. More of us are turning to smartphones to get our media fix, and it's a habit that benefits from larger screens.

Although it's almost certainly set to cost more than the standard iPhone 6, we don't yet know by how much.

Specs will also increase, although that's a given based on the fact you'll need boosted gear like a bigger battery to support the larger screen.

There's also a good chance Apple will up its built-in storage cap to 128GB with the larger phone. Chance being the operative word, mind.


Is this the iWatch? Probably not, but it looks pretty cool...

Contrary to the plethora of information we have about the iPhone 6, there's actually been very little whispered about the iWatch.

While we're assured by the grapevine community at large that there will be an Apple wearable, we're still not quite sure what it will be called, what it will look like, or what it'll even do.

We know that Apple has trademarked the name iWatch in some countries, although struggled in others where the term had already been trademarked.

It's also been leaked that the iWatch will tout a 'slightly rectangular' 2.5-in screen, although we can't confirm this to be true until the actual release.

We've also heard the device will retail at around $400, which puts it at just shy of £250. That's quite north of smartwatch offerings from some of the other manufacturers, but Apple is known for its premium mark-ups.

There's also the suggestion that Apple might actually launch several smartwatch/wearable variants that each sport different price-tags.

The latest rumours suggest the device will offer two-factor authentification for the iPhone 6.

This basically means the iWatch would generate constantly rolling passcodes every minute that you could use to access your smartphone, alongside your normal TouchID, for added protection.

Or alternatively, the fact that the iWatch is simply 'near' your iPhone could act as the second authentification, alongside the fingerprint scanner.

Sapphire glass was originally tipped for the display material, although some analysts say a shortfall in the material's supply could scupper these plans and lead to a more basic OLED screen.

The screen has also been tipped to be made of flexible glass that would bend around the user's wrist for added comfort, although again this should be taken with a pinch, nay bag, of salt.

iOS 8

Plenty of juicy new apps and features to come with Apple's next iOS update...

It's pretty much a dead cert that iOS 8 will land with the next round of Apple iPhones. Apple unveiled its next mobile OS upgrade at its WWDC event in June, although a final version isn't yet available to the general public.

You can check out our full round-up for iOS right here on

And if all of that turns out to be wrong, this Reddit comment is probably your best bet...