Another OnePlus handset could be about to drop

A regulatory filing in the US shows a new device that will be at a similar level to the OnePlus 2

Now we're used to OnePlus teasing us with all manner of details about smartphones. This time someone else has gotten in on the act in the shape of a regulatory filing given to the Federal Communications Commission regarding yet another OnePlus device.

Details are very thin on the ground but the data suggests that a third device is on the way to complement the OnePlus 2 and oft-rumoured OnePlus Mini device that is expected later this year.

Model E1005, as it is seen in the filing, will be another smartphone in the 5.5-inch display size bracket like the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 and the image provided appears to show a dark boxey design that could be the back of an older Apple iPhone except that it doesn't sport the fruity logo.

There's also a camera in the top left corner of the device, which differs to OnePlus' usual preference for a central camera. Under the hood it boasts a 1.9GHz processor and support for all the usual connectivity modes such as LTE, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, FM radio and more.

Ever since it first surfaced in 2014, OnePlus has been doing its best to change the way smartphones are sold with very limited sales runs of devices that have a big spec sheet but a small price.

The OnePlus 2, much like its predecessor, is rolling out very slowly to customers and plenty have expressed disquiet at this. To rectify this, OnePlus opened up general sales of a device for the first time earlier today though this was only for a 60 minute window.

As for the leaked Model E1005, there's a OnePlus press event in India tomorrow where we could see the new device for the first time.

Via: Phonescoop