Anker's ANC earbuds suddenly drop to lowest-ever price – better than half price!

The best price we've seen yet for these top-quality earbuds

Anker Space A40 wireless earbuds
(Image credit: Anker)

When you're investing in Anker hardware, you know you're guaranteed a solid level of quality in terms of craftsmanship and performance – and when there are significant price discounts to talk about, you've got even more reason to click on the buy button. Case in point: the Anker Space A40 wireless earbuds, which are now better than half price at Amazon.

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This is the lowest-ever price these earbuds have ever been (as verified by CamelCamelCamel), and we're not sure how long the offer is going to last – so we'd recommend snapping these up at your earliest opportunity, if you're in the market for a pair of earbuds with active noise-cancelling (ANC), plenty of battery life, and a lightweight design.

Anker Space A40: was $99.99now $49 at Amazon

Anker Space A40: was $99.99, now $49 at Amazon
Do the math on this discount and you'll see these reliable wireless earbuds are actually less than half-price now – a huge 51% discount. They come with powerful, adaptive noise-cancelling, 50-hour battery life, and super-fast charging, giving much more expensive alternatives a real run for their money.

When it comes to reasons to buy the Anker Space A40 wireless earbuds, it's difficult to know where to start, as there's so much to talk about. The lightweight, compact frame, for example, ensures a comfortable fit and means you'll barely notice they're there once you've popped them in your ears.

Then there's the active noise-cancelling, which can adapt to the environment around you and cut out environmental noise by as much as 98%. Don't let your music, podcast, or audiobook listening be rudely interrupted by people chatting on the subway or the noise of construction work as you make your way around.

The Anker Space A40 earbuds have some impressive stats when it comes to battery life as well: you can get as much as 50 hours between charges (if you include the case that the earbuds come in), and thanks to the integrated fast-charging technology, you can get 4 hours of playback time with a quick 10-minute recharge. When it comes to the best wireless earbuds, not having to wait around by a power source is a definite advantage.

Oh, and did we mention the superb high-resolution sound quality? Everything you play through these earbuds will sound top-notch, helped by the different customization tweaks you can make through the accompanying app, and they're great for making and receiving calls on the go as well. If you're not sure this is the deal for you, we've got more inspiration with our best headphones guide.

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