Android Auto update brings back a favourite user feature – and it's about time

Behold, the return of Android Auto's weather widget

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Android Auto appears to be bringing back its much-loved weather widget feature – at least according to Google

Longstanding users of the in-car navigation platform will probably be able to cast their minds back to a time when Android Auto had a native weather widget that showed drivers the temperature on-screen when in their vehicle. The feature now looks set to return in Android Auto 6.7, and this time we hope it stays for good. 

First reported by Auto Evolution, Android Auto 6.7 appears to once again show the much-loved weather icon, which was originally pulled directly from your phone and displayed on the head unit.

According to Auto Evolution, "Google came up with a fix in the most recent version of Android Auto, so the weather icon should be back after installing the newest build of the app." This, of course, follows what has been a bit of a circus for the platform, with Google dropping the feature earlier this year before then reintroducing the widget for it to only work for certain Android Auto users.

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Google promises that it has actually fixed the problem this time around, and fingers crossed it should be present for you in the most recent version of Android Auto, meaning the weather icon should be back once the newest build of the app has been installed on your device.

Android Auto 6.7 is the newest build and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, with the latest version having only been released a few days ago. As is usually the case with rolling updates, there have already been several reports that the weather widget still isn't appearing for some Android Auto users, but we'd say give it a proper chance to reach your device before raising the alarm too soon.

Otherwise, it's worth checking out a number of recent improvements to Android Auto's UI, including a new Android Auto dashboard update and improved messaging controls when using the platform inside your car. 

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