Android's latest answer to Apple's iPad is going on sale soon – and I want one

The OnePlus Pad Go is set to release in Europe

OnePlus Pad Go
(Image credit: OnePlus)

The OnePlus Pad Go, a tablet first revealed in late 2023, will come to the UK and Europe soon – with pricing and on-sale date to be officially revealed on 23 April at a OnePlus event in Finland. 

When it comes to the best tablets, there's pretty much a two-way tug-of-war between the best iPad models from Apple and, on the side most likely to get pulled over the line most quickly, the wide range of Android tablets trying to compete.

It's no secret that Apple rules the majority – but OnePlus has doubled down with its Android alternative line-up. Spearheaded by the OnePlus Pad, as launched almost exactly a year ago at the time of writing, there's now a new model in town: the OnePlus Pad Go. 

First revealed at the end of 2023, the Pad Go wasn't available worldwide. But that's all about to change, with OnePlus announcing that it will come to the UK and, indeed, Europe soon. The exact launch date isn't yet know, nor is pricing – but the latter will be revealed by OnePlus at an event on 23 April. 

What I do know, as there's an official OnePlus page now live, is that you can pay a £1 deposit for £30 off the tablet at launch, plus bundle in a £40 adapter for free. That's a pretty tasty pre-order deal, if you're seeking a tablet to complement your OnePlus 12. As the US price is $240, I'd wager £199 is a good conversion (although it may cost £229, given currency conversions).

So just what do you get for that to-be-announced outlay? The OnePlus Pad Go is an 11.35-inch tablet, making it marginally smaller than the full-fat OnePlus Go's 11.61-inch diagonal, with a 2.4K pixel-packed resolution and 90Hz refresh rate. 

An 8,000mAh battery inside roughly equates to two mobile phones, so even with the bigger display you should get all-day innings per charge. Recharging is 33W wired, which is a step beneath the 67W of the original OnePlus Pad but still commendable. 

I'll be getting to see the Pad Go next week, ahead of its on-sale date – and I want one already. If my pricing guesstimate is correct, it's a lot more affordable than the 10th Gen Apple iPad (£499), and while it won't be as powerful overall it'd still make for a great travel companion when taking long flights. 

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