An Apple robot helper is tipped to be the "next big thing"

Apple reportedly developing home robots after ditching its car

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Apple is said to have switched its attention to home robotics after scrapping its own electric car.

People familiar with the plans have revealed that a mobile home robot is in development.

Apple is reportedly turning to robots as its "next big thing". The company is said to have "teams" of experts looking into home automation, which could include a mobile servant that follows you around your house.

It was recently revealed that the Cupertino firm has ditched its long-term plans for an electric Apple Car, so this is alleged to be one of its new schemes to develop new products and move into new categories.

Apple expert and Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman claims to have been told of the new plans by "people familiar with the situation". They have revealed that the robot helper is joined in development by a "table-top home device that uses robotics to move a display around".

Gurman has also explained that Apple is under pressure to find new revenue streams after its failed attempt to get an EV on the road. The Apple Vision Pro is one area that can expand, but could take years to become "a moneymaker", he said.

Apple is far from the first major tech company to explore the idea of a robotic assistant, Amazon announced Astro in 2021 and while it hasn't quite permeated our lives in Asimov's I, Robot fashion, it's a cute look at the sort of thing we can expect in the near future.

Now that AI is becoming more, well, intelligent, that could play a massive part too.

Of course, not everyone will be comfortable with that – there are some that think robot vacuum cleaners are a step too far – but there's no doubt that home robotics could be a major new battleground for Big Tech considering TVs, smartphones and other daily devices have seemingly reached their peak in terms of form factor and usability.

Roll on the robot butler then – it's what sci-fi has been promising us for years. And the Cbeebies classic Justin's House.

Justin's House

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