Amerisleep and Zoma mattress' Independence Day deals are LIVE

Huge savings on top quality mattresses from Amerisleep and Zoma right now

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If you're on the hunt for an amazing cheap mattress deal, your first stop should be Amerisleep and Zoma. Right now, both companies are running some extremely wallet-friendly deals as part of their fourth of July mattress sales.

At Amerisleep, there's 30% off mattresses with code AS30 (opens in new tab), plus up to $1500 off adjustable bed sets. And at Zoma, there's $150 off mattresses with code WIN150 (opens in new tab), and 30% off adjustable beds. Both of these offers end in a matter of days, though, so make sure you snap them up while you can. Read on for more info on the different types of mattress on offer at Zoma and Amerisleep, plus your guide to where the best savings can be had. 

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Amerisleep deals: AS2

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Amerisleep has three mattresses: the entry-level AS2, a medium-firm mattress that's perfect for back sleepers; the mid-range AS3, which is great for all sleep styles; and the high-end AS5, which adds Active Flex and offers the softest sleep. 

All designs are built from plant-based Bio-Pur memory foam, which has an open-cell structure that's more responsive to pressure than traditional memory foam, and should stay cool more effectively. If you'd prefer a bit of extra bounce, you can opt for the hybrid version of all the mattresses, for an added coil layer. You've got 100 nights to make sure you absolutely love the mattress before deciding to keep it, and Amerisleep also offers a longer-than-the-usual 20-year warranty.

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Amerisleep AS2 deal |From $699 at Amerisleep (opens in new tab)
30% off all sizes!
Amerisleep's cheapest mattress is the firmest of the range, which makes it perfect for those who sleep on their backs. Add the discount code AS30 to take 30% off the price. 

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Amerisleep AS3 deal | From $769 at Amerisleep (opens in new tab)
30% off all sizes!
The mid-range AS3 is the most versatile of Amerisleep’s mattresses, and is a great choice if you like to sleep on your back or side. Use the code AS30 to knock 30% off the price for 4th July.

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Amerisleep AS5 deal | From $1259 at Amerisleep (opens in new tab)
30% off!
The flagship, range-topping AS5 mattress offers the ultimate softness in the Amerisleep range, but compromises nothing in terms of support. Enter the discount code AS30 at the checkout to claim your discount.

The best cheap Zoma deals

Zoma mattresses are designed specifically for athletes and those with particularly demanding, physical lifestyles. They feature a range of unique inbuilt design features offering unique support. For example, 'Triangulex' is a system of hundreds of triangular segments, designed to provide targeted relief for painful pressure points. Support+ is a high density base that provides consistent pressure relief for hips and shoulders, all the while supporting the natural alignment of the spine. Last but not least, the 'Reactiv' layer responds to the body’s movement, contouring around it without causing any motion transfer.

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Zoma mattress deal | $150 off mattresses at Zoma (opens in new tab)
Use the discount code WIN150:
Zoma's mattresses promise undisturbed rest and rejuvenation for those with even the most demanding of lifestyles. Wrapped in a breathable fabric that wicks away moisture, this mattress will also keep your temperature under control throughout the night. This $150 discount is applicable across all mattress sizes in the Zoma range – from twin to split king.

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