Amazon Prime Video reimagines classic spy movie as a TV show coming next week

Taking workplace relationships to a new level

Mr & Mrs Smith
(Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

If you ever think that living with your partner is hellish enough how about working with them too? And how about if your job involved life or death levels of danger? That's the premise behind Amazon Prime Video's new original series Mr & Mrs Smith

On February 2nd all 8 episodes of this reimagining of the iconic Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt movie of the same name will land on one of the best streaming services. this series takes us back to the beginning of the Smith's workplace romance. We follow two loners (the brilliant Donald Glover and Maya Erskine) as they become spies and assume both new identities, Jane and John Smith - a married couple.

If you woke up married to someone you'd never met before you'd probably start thinking about what you had to drink last night and trying to fix things, but both John and Jane have a job to do. The pair embark on a series of dangerous missions and struggle to keep their relationship (or lack of) a secret. 

Alongside our lead pairing, there looks to be a stellar supporting cast with some serious Hollywood talent. Both Sarah Paulson and Parker Posey can be seen in the below trailer alongside Paul Dano, Ron Pearlman and John Turturro. I am most excited however about the presence of British star Michaela Coel who has had an incredible track record of TV success with the likes of I May Destroy You

Of course, being a spy isn't all glitz and glamour and there seems to be plenty of dark humour on show, with one scene in the trailer showing the couple struggling to fit a dead body (presumably made by them) into a freezer. But as well as a comedy, this is a series releasing at the perfect time. Valentine's Day is nearly here, and anyone who has seen the original will tell you, there's plenty of romance in this story. 

With so many talented people involved and Glover on co-creator duties, I really don't see how this show ends up anything but a success. Will it rival my favourite Amazon Prime Video series, however? Let's wait and see. 

Andy Sansom
Staff Writer

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