Amazon Prime Video just added UK movie expected to take 2024 Oscars by storm

Saltburn looks devilishly dark and a great reason to sign-up for Amazon Prime Video

Saltburn movie still
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There are many good things about the modern world of streaming, but we’ve got to say it’s still such a pleasing feeling when a buzzy film comes to streaming without making you wait for a couple of years.

That’s what’s happened with Saltburn, one of the most discussed films this winter, which has just hit Amazon Prime Video thanks to the involvement of Amazon Studios in its production – you can watch it right now at no extra cost if you’re a Prime member. And you can watch the trailer below for free, which will surely tempt you. 

Saltburn is the second feature film from director and writer Emerald Fennell, who made such a crazy splash with her full-length debut Promising Young Woman, starring Carey Mulligan, back in 2020. Like that movie, Saltburn is dark (like almost full capital letters dark) – it's a pretty twisted comedy-thriller that goes to some frankly unbelievable places over the course of a couple of hours. 

It’s not just an exciting director to consider, though – Saltburn has an absolutely mind-boggling array of acting talent in it, too. It stars Barry Keoghan as a bookish student at the University of Oxford who becomes unlikely friends with a stunningly wealthy and charming student – Jacob Elordi, who broke through in spectacular style in HBO’s Euphoria (also a must-watch, which you can pick up in the UK on NOW, rather than the USA's MAX). 

That’s a pretty big-name pairing in the leads, but you also get a welcome splash of Rosamund Pike as the rich boy’s brittle, fragile mother, making it a real treat to watch them all dance around each other as things get more hectic throughout the film. And hectic they do get, as is rather clear from the eclectic selection of film stills in the gallery below: 

Saltburn has been pretty divisively received, in the best way – some people absolutely adore its archness, while others have bounced right off it. Always the recipe for a good family watch over the holidays, eh?

After all, the best films are the ones that leave you all in fierce discussion over every element, and you should take it on trust that Saltburn’s ending will leave you both flabbergasted and absolutely gagging to dissect what happened.

With Oscar-nomination season now right around the corner, get ahead of things by checking out Saltburn on Prime Video. It’s probably the biggest conversation-starter of the season. It's also the eight entry in T3's 12 Days of Streaming, which highlights the best comings and goings from the best streaming services over the holiday period with loads of must-watch movie magic...

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