Amazon Prime Day: the best Amazon Ring Video Doorbell deals

Ring ring, you have to see these brilliant Amazon Prime Day smart doorbell offers

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Ring
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Amazon's very own Ring video doorbell brand has some truly excellent deals currently on offer in the Amazon Prime Day 2019 sale. So if you keep missing deliveries or just want to make sure you know who's on the other side of your front door, no matter where you are, they're definitely worth checking out. Ring let's you see, hear and speak to whoever is at your door using your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Ring products work with selected Alexa devices so you can use your voice to launch real time-video at any time. They are also easy to install and to operate.

Get notified when someone's at your door thanks to the motion-activated sensors. All Ring devices are weather-resistant and can work within the temperature range of -20°C to 50°C.

amazon prime day amazon Ring Video Doorbell 2

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Amazon Ring Video Doorbell 2

Want to tell the delivery guy where to place your parcel exactly? The Ring Video Doorbell 2 can help you with that.

Once the motion detector sensed movement in front of the 1080p camera, it sends a notification to your phone. You can tune in to see the live stream and chat with whoever is at your door. Even if you are on holiday in the Maldives.

It also works with selected Echo and Fire devices!

amazon prime day amazon Ring Video Doorbell Pro

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Amazon Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Customise motion detection zones so the Ring Video Doorbell Pro only sends notifications when something is happening in key areas in it's field of view. Using the the existing doorbell wiring, the Doorbell Pro doesn't require batteries to run 24/7, giving you that extra piece of mind.

Choose form 4 different faceplates to personalise to Ring Doorbell Pro's look to match the look of your home.

amazon prime day amazon Ring Stick Up Cam

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Amazon Ring Stick Up Cam (Wired or Battery)

The Amazon Ring Stick Up Cam monitors indoor or outdoor areas of your home and thanks to its slim design it can be mounted almost anywhere. Just like other Doorbell cameras, you can view the live-stream on your phone or PC and communicate with people through the Amazon Ring Stick Up Cam.

Use the Ring app to access your camera feed and add more devices effortlessly. Works with selected Echo and Fire devices.

amazon prime day amazon Ring Floodlight Cam

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Amazon Ring Floodlight Cam

Whoop, whoop, the sound of the police!

Feel extra safe with the Amazon Ring Floodlight Cam thanks to it's motion sensors, built-in lights and siren. See, hear and talk to people, even during the dead of night. No one can hide away from the camera's 140° viewing angle.

Requires hardwired installation to mains electricity but also comes with a rechargeable battery.

amazon prime day amazon Ring Door View Cam

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Amazon Ring Door View Cam

Welcome to the 21st century! Replace your plain old peephole with the Amazon Ring Door View Cam and enjoy of the benefits of a Ring camera. This smart camera has a Knock Detection feature and lets you know when someone knocks on your door.

Thanks to Amazon's Theft Protection Scheme, even if your Ring Door View Cam gets stolen, they'll replace it – for free! Installation is straight-forward, no need for drilling or wiring required, just use the peephole on your door and feed through the little tube, securing on both side.

And of course, it works with selected Echo and Fire devices.

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