Amazon Prime Day Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch deal: save £50

A great alternative to Apple Watch, Fossil's Gen 5 smartwatch has a £50 Amazon Prime Day deals discount

Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch Amazon Prime Day deals 2020
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It's that wonderful time of year ago: Amazon Prime Day deals are rolling out over the next two days, up from the usual one, and there are some fantastic bargains to be had across the board, from tech to fashion to fitness. One deal that encompasses all three is Fossil's Gen 5 smartwatch, which is £50 off for Prime Day.

Fossil have been making really great smartwatches for a while now, offering a competent alternative to Apple Watch and other Android-toting versions. The Gen 5 runs Google's Wear OS, giving you access to loads of apps and Assistant, and comes with GPS, NFC, and activity tracking.

No matter what you want to do or where, Fossil's smartwatch will keep up, with water resistance to over 100 meters, long-lasting battery life with different modes, a mic and speaker, Bluetooth calling, notifications from smartphones, and a lot more.

Fossil's Gen 5 is the perfect accompaniment to wherever life takes you, safe in the knowledge that it can definitely keep up. And it's stylish and sleek black design goes with any outfit, so no need to worry about that.

Fossil Gen 5 | 44mm | £279 £230 from Amazon

Fossil Gen 5 | 44mm | £279 £230 from Amazon
If you're looking for a great alternative to Apple and Google smartwatches, Fossil has an answer: a well-equipped and well-designed smartwatch that can boldly go wherever you go. Perfect for sports and leisure.

No matter what your style is, or your chosen activities are, Fossil's Gen 5 smartwatch will keep up and then some. The subtle black design is perfect for all occasions and Google's Wear OS, combined with Fossil's hardware, is more than a match for Apple Watch. Plus, you're saving £50 for Prime Day.

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