Amazon Prime Day 2018 date revealed: 36 hours of Black Friday-quality deals incoming

This year's Prime Day looks like it going to be the biggest ever

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Amazon Prime Day 2018 will be happening on Tuesday July 17th, with the crazy deal-a-thon kicking off at midday the day before – Monday the 16th.

We know this as a Prime Day 2018 banner was put up on the Amazon UK website earlier today (see above image), presumably by mistake. It detailed that Prime Day "starts at noon, 16 July" and that it will be "an epic day (and a half) of deals". This banner was quickly spotted by our eagle-eyed colleagues and BFFs at TechRadar.

That means that Amazon Prime Day 2018 will start at midday on 16 July and end at midnight on 17 July.

The fact that Prime Day is technically 36 hours this year makes it the longest yet. Last year's Prime Day was only 30 hours, so this time you've got even extra time to land a sweet Black Friday-quality deal.

The fact that the Prime Day begins on the 16th also means that Amazon has broken with its tradition of starting the event each year on the second Tuesday in July. We're guessing that our earlier prediction that the Prime Day 2018 would take place on July 10 was kaiboshed by the World Cup semi-finals, and considering the final takes place on July 15, too, that will leave people's time free to score hot deals instead.

And we're expecting some absolutely stonking deals this Prime Day.  

Naturally, there will be an Amazon Prime subscription push in the days or weeks leading up to the event, so that will likely be a good time to sign up if you aren't a Prime member, and we fully expect Amazon's devices like the Echo, Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, Kindles and tablets to be seriously discounted, too.

Amazon Marketplace sellers also typically get in on the deals action, so basically you should expect deals across the entire online store, from tech to clothing, wearables to smart home.

T3 will be covering Amazon Prime Day 2018 live, bringing you all the best deals from the event, so be sure to check back in frequently on the 16th and 17th for the insider scoop on the hottest tech and biggest deals.