Amazon £40 gift card adds EVEN MORE value to TalkTalk fibre broadband deal

A free £40 Amazon gift card has just made this excellent TalkTalk fibre broadband deal even sweeter

Amazon TalkTalk fibre broadband deal
(Image credit: TalkTalk)

TalkTalk has been absolutely killing it lately with its fibre broadband deals, with offers like its £21.95 per month package delivering strong average speeds for a truly market-winning price point.

If its market dominance wasn't enough, though, TalkTalk has just gone and made its showstopping fibre broadband offer even better, as if you sign up for the cheap £21.95 per month offer right now then you get a free £40 gift card that you can use at Amazon, Argos or Tesco, too.

That's a broadband package that delivers free activation, free line rental, and an average speed of 38Mb for less than £22 per month. Along with a £40 gift card to be spent on whatever you want. The contract length TalkTalk offers, too, at only 18 months, is also not long and delivery on the whole package is free as well. There's also literally nothing to pay up-front, either.

We think this is one of the absolute best fibre broadband deals on the market today, which makes it easy to recommend to anyone looking for a quality upgrade.

The full details of the deal can be viewed below:


TalkTalk Faster Fibre Broadband | Contract: 18 months | Avg speed: 38Mb | Free Line rental | Free activation | £21.95pm | Free £40 gift card
£21.95 per month for strong fibre broadband is incredibly good value on its own, so when you consider this deal also delivers a free £40 gift card sweetener, too, as well as free line rental , free activation and totally free delivery, its quality really shines through. A medium-length contract and no price increase promise add even more quality. One of the absolute best fibre broadband deals on offer today.

If you like the sound of the deal above but are a very light internet user and don't mind sacrificing some speed to bring the price down even more, then this deal over at the Post Office is worth a look. That's because the  Post Office currently has the very lowest internet bills in the UK, with 11Mb average peak time speeds delivered for just £15.90 a month.

However, if you're like Maverick from Top Gun and feel the need for speed, then you should definitely consider flying by BT's Superfast Fibre plan, which fire the average speed up to 50Mb, or Vodafone and its free upgrade to 63Mb fibre. Naturally, the pricing on both of these deals is higher, though.

For even more great fibre broadband deals be sure to consult the very lowest prices available today below in T3's authoritative deals comparison chart.

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