Amazon Kindle Kids ereader gets huge 45% price cut

The perfect ereader for children is now discounted down to almost half price for a limited time

Amazon Kindle Kids Edition
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Amazon makes the best ereaders in the world, you only have to look at T3's best Kindle buying guide to see that, which is why we know that this Kindle Kids ereader deal is so good.

It's so good as it cuts the price of the best ereader in the world for children almost in half, with 45% cut off its cost.

The Kindle Kids is so good for children as it comes with a colourful case, built-in parental controls and, crucially, a one-year subscription to the Amazon Kids+ library, which is crammed full of thousands of popular titles including favourites like Harry Potter.

The Kindle Kids ereader also comes with Amazon's superb "if it breaks we'll replace it for free" 2-year warranty, too, meaning parents don't have to worry.

The full details of the Amazon Kindle Kids deal can be viewed below:

Amazon Kindle Kids | Was: £99 | Now: £54.99 | Saving: £45
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Amazon Kindle Kids | Was: £99 | Now: £54.99 | Saving: £45
The superb ereader for children, the Amazon Kindle Kids Edition, is reduced right now by a going-on half price 45%. That discount takes it price down from £99 to £54.99, which is a straight £45 saving. This deal also comes with free delivery.

The Amazon Kindle Kids is also great as an ereader for children as it comes with support for Audible, meaning that kids can listen to audiobooks through it, too. And, thanks to Bluetooth being built in wireless headphones can be paired with it.

T3 really rates this Kids ereader, too, as unlike a phone or tablet it doesn't come with any access to games, adverts or videos built in, meaning children can read completely distraction free.

For parents looking to make it easy for children to read more, and especially when on the go (such as during the summer holidays), the Kindle Kids is a great option and  is reduced right now for a limited time.

If you like the idea of the Kindle Kids but have an older child, such as sixth-former, then a full-fat Kindle ereader is likely the better choice. The best prices on Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite can be viewed below.

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