Amazon Kindle gets a free software update that book fans will love – here's how to get it

Over the air update brings visual refresh and apparent speed improvements

Amazon Kindle
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T3 is a huge fan of the best Kindle ereaders. From the standard Kindle up through the Kindle Paperwhite and onto the top-of-the-range Kindle Oasis, they deliver arguably the best-in-class digital reading experience on the market today.

Excitingly, though, Amazon Kindle owners are just about to see that experience get even better, as a brand new software update is currently rolling out that delivers a series of improvements.

The biggest change that the update introduces is how the Kindle software is actually displayed, with the top-mounted toolbar removed and a large search bar included in its place.

At the bottom of the UI, too, are now just two buttons, which include one for 'Home' and one for the user's digital reading 'Library'. There's also now a central icon that allows the reader to jump to their most recently read book and, in what will be music to many Kindle owner's ears, the quick-settings menu is now easily accessed as a new arrow has been placed on the UI that points to it – the days of randomly tapping around the top of the screen trying to find it are gone! All these changes have been made to make it easier and more streamlined to navigate on Kindles.

The changes are not just aesthetic, though, with many users reporting that once they installed the update, the responsiveness of their Kindle has increased and that the UI is now much smoother to navigate, too.

The latest Amazon Kindle update is version 5.13.7, and it is now rolling out to all Kindle devices. Most devices in Amazon's ereader family will already be eligible to download the update, and if not now then soon, with it rolling out over the next week or so.

To get the latest software update simply turn on your Kindle and connect to a Wi-Fi network. If available on your device, the update will then automatically download and make itself available for installation. The update can also be manually downloaded from the Kindle E-Reader Software Updates web page.

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