This early Prime Day PS5 SSD deal is the best I've seen for 2TB

You can more than triple your PlayStation 5 storage space for less with this offer

Addlink PS5 SSD deal
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As Prime Day 2024 hurtles towards us, I've found a superb deal on Amazon already that will give you 2TB of superfast PlayStation 5 storage for a lot less than usual.

Considering the PS5 gives you just under 700GB of available storage as standard, adding a 2TB drive will enable you to keep more than triple the amount of games on your console. You'll no longer have to uninstall and re-download titles just to play the latest Call of Duty.

This deal gives you the Addlink Addgame A95 M.2 card, which is one I already recommend among the best PS5 SSDs available today. It more than meets Sony's minimum specs for the PlayStation 5 and PS5 Slim, with 7,200 MB/s read speeds, and 6,500 MB/s write.

You get the 2TB version with a heatsink built in for just £125.49 right now – 16% off and cheaper than some rivals with half the capacity. Indeed, I've previously paid more for a 1TB equivalent.

Addlink Addgame A95 2TB M.2 SSD: was £149.99, now £125.49 at Amazon

Addlink Addgame A95 2TB M.2 SSD: was £149.99, now £125.49 at Amazon
Fully compatible with the PlayStation 5 and PS5 Slim, this SSD card will expand your storage for games by 2TB, allowing you to install more than triple the amount on your console.

The Addlink Addgame range of storage options are designed specifically for PC and console use. The A95 M.2 card is compatible with both PS5 and the latest PS5 Slim models, slotting easily into their internal expansion slots, and offers speeds above even the internal SSD that comes with each machine.

You also get a game-centric heatsink already attached, which the company claims keeps the card running "30% cooler" than without. This is another mandatory requirement for PS5 expansion, so prevents you having to add a third-party alternative.

Adding extra storage to your PS5 is simple – Sony explains the process in full on a dedicated website. You need to remove the cover on the console and you'll see the expansion slot. You'll need a philips screwdriver to complete the process, but I've done it twice myself and it only takes around 10 minutes.

Amazon Prime Day will take place on 16-17 July this year, with 1,000s of bargains coming for Prime members. You can sign up for Prime on a 30-day trial to take advantage of the deals and even cancel afterwards, to avoid paying subscription fees.

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