Amazing 4K TV deal: Get a 50-inch Samsung TV for under £400 ahead of Black Friday

The Samsung TU7100 just got full marks in our review, and now it's £150 off in this great TV deal

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We know lots of people will be raiding the best Black Friday TV deals for a new set to take them through this winter, but this great offer from Very might tempt you to beat the Black Friday deals rush if you're looking for the best budget set.

The Samsung TU7100 just earned the full five stars in our review, and now the 50-inch version has a huge price cut – when it's this cheap, this is probably the best TV under £500 right now!

Buy Samsung UE50TU7100 | Save £150 | Now £399 at

In our full Samsung TU7100 review, we said the set's "picture quality and smart TV control that are beyond the asking price", adding that "for this price, it’s capable of truly commendable picture quality – basically the best we've seen."

And obviously that all goes double when there's 27% cut off the price!

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Being a budget TV, the overall image quality isn't as vibrant and punchy as what you'd get from a QLED TV – even the more budget Samsung Q60T, but you'd be looking at spending way more for that, let alone one of Samsung's flagship sets.

But compared to similarly priced TVs, it's a step ahead. That's partly thanks to Samsung's clever dual-LED backlight system that avoids blacks looking washed out, and partly having great image processing, which is really important for upscaling HD video to look great on the 50-inch 4K panel (which it does) and making motion look smooth and clear (which it also does, and which a lot of budget TVs struggle with).

Maybe the biggest selling point is the smart TV setup, though – Samsung's Tizen system is one of the easiest to use out there, and is packed with all the key streaming services, so this is one of the most user-friendly TVs in terms of making it simple to find what you want.

And for its final trick, it's even strong for gaming, thanks to having really low lag, and auto-switching to gaming-friendly modes when a console is activated. If you're looking for mid-size, rock-bottom-price 4K TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, this is probably the one to choose.

Samsung UE50TU7100 | Save £150 | Now £399 at
This 4K TV supports HDR10+ for more dramatic images, with Samsung Crystal Display tech and Crystal Processor punching well above its price tag, even before the discount. The Tizen smart TV features are also class-leading.View Deal

There is one more added bonus! The TV also qualifies for a Samsung 50% cashback offer on a soundbar, so you could spend the £150 you saved on a soundbar worth twice the price, giving yourself an even better setup! There's info on the Very page about that offer if you want to find out more.

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