Adventure is out there! Luminox partners with Bear Grylls on mountaineering watch series

Luminox launches mountaineering watch series in collaboration with Bear Grylls

Luminox Bear Grylls 3730 Mountain series
(Image credit: Luminox)

Swiss watch brand Luminox has just launched the Bear Grylls 3730 Mountain series, featuring three new watches and one special limited edition timepiece. The new watch series draws inspiration from Grylls’ early expedition where he submitted Mount Everest in 1998 and all timepieces feature his signature and motto.

The clue is in the name with Luminox – it’s best known for being the original self-powered luminous watch brand, and its extensive collections of the best outdoor watches. Luminox is also favoured by US Navy SEALs, professional divers and jet fighter pilots… so, what better collaboration for the brand than with adventurer, survival expert and brand ambassador, Bear Grylls.

The launch of the new Bear Grylls 3730 Mountain series coincides with the 25th anniversary of Grylls’ historic climb to reach the peak of Mount Everest. Each timepiece honours this achievement which Grylls accomplishes at 23 years old, becoming the youngest Brit to make the ascent.

Featuring three watches and one limited edition model, the Bear Grylls 3730 Mountain series are designed with explorers in mind which is shown through its mountaineering and outdoor-inspired features. The numbers on the dial have a special outline that gives them a raised effect and the bezel is marked with cardinal directions.

The Bear Grylls 3730 Mountain series is designed to withstand climbing to the highest peaks and diving to 200m below sea level (see the best dive watches for more). In addition, the watches have been crafted with Luminox Light Technology, Luminox’s cutting-edge lighting system that makes each timepiece visible in any light conditions for up to 25 years.

To celebrate Bear Grylls and his achievements, the three timepieces have Grylls’ signature on the case back and his motto ‘Never Give Up’ is inscribed on the inner ring. Available in 43mm cases, the centre black dial is dramatic and striking, and shoppers can choose between Orange, Green or Sand outer rings for an extra pop of colour. The new integrated straps appear seamlessly connected to the case, and are available in black, green or the limited edition blue colourway.

Alongside the three new Bear Grylls 3730 Mountain series watches, Luminox has also launched a limited edition model. This 43mm outdoor watch features a removable bull bar to protect the crystal while adventuring. The bull bar is mounted on and can be bought separately as an accessory to other Luminox watches.

The main attraction to the limited edition Bear Grylls 3730 Mountain watch is the white dial, blue strap and red crown which matches the colours of the Nepalese flag. The case back is inscribed with an image of Mount Everest, Bear Grylls’ name and the watch number. The outer ring of the watch is also marked with ‘8848M’, a nod to the altitude of Mount Everest.

Now available to buy at Luminox, the three watches from the Bear Grylls 3730 Mountain series cost £499 and the limited edition timepiece is £559 and limited to 800 pieces worldwide.

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