How to access Google Classroom on your PlayStation or Xbox

School closures mean remote learning is back – here's how you can access Google Classroom on PS5, Xbox and other consoles

Google Classroom on PS5 and Xbox Series X
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The UK has entered another national lockdown; schools have shut their doors, and students are faced with remote learning once again, but there are even more ways to access resources like Google Classroom – including on consoles like the PS5, and Xbox Series X.

If devices are thin on the ground in your household, you can utilise Sony and Microsoft's console to make sure your kids' digital learning needs are catered for. Of course, you're not just limited to the brand new consoles. You can easily access Google Classroom on a PS4, Xbox One, or any console with an internet connection. Just follow T3's handy guide!

If your kids need to access Word, Teams, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as emails, and they don't have access to a laptop or tablet, they can still sign in to Google Classrooms and use these resources via their consoles.

If you're looking for a cheap laptop now that remote learning is back in full swing, be sure to check out T3's roundup of best student laptops. If you'd prefer to keep costs down with a tablet, we've got you covered there too, with out best tablets guide. We even have a T3 best Chromebooks guide, so you can peruse all three to find something in your budget.

Google Classroom on PlayStation

To access Google Classroom on a PlayStation console, navigate to the the browser. On the PS4, this is done by accessing the www icon, or failing that, in your Library, under Apps. For the PS5, you can follow these instructions from Reddit to access it.

Type Google Classroom into the browser and follow the log in as usual. Once you're in, you can access a suite of programs to get learning!

Google Classroom on Xbox

The Xbox's web browser can be found by navigating to the Microsoft Edge app. Open up the app and type Google Classroom into the browser to be directed to the log in page. 

Sign in as you would on a PC to access the programs listed above, as well as email.

Both consoles have keyboard and mouse support, so you can always check out T3's best gaming keyboards guide to pick up a cheap (or more premium) keyboard that you can use for gaming as well as work. 

Meanwhile, you might want to brush up on the new lockdown rules, including what the new exercise rules are.

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