A chocolate Xbox Series X? Yum!

The Xbox controllers taste like Xbox controllers

Chocolate Xbox controller
(Image credit: Microsoft)

People say that the Xbox Series X is a brick shape, but Microsoft has now proven us all wrong, it's actually a bar shape. A chocolate bar.

That's right, in celebration of the upcoming Wonka movie (starring Timothy 'cheekbones' Chalamet) Microsoft have created a chocolate Xbox. Unfortunately (or fortunately if it overheats) it isn't edible, but it does sport a rather tasty chocolate look and storefront display accessories. 

The storefront displays do contain chocolate at least, with five unique themed flavours. They are Achievement Hunter, Button Masher, Your Citrus Sidekick, Xtra Kick and Wonka for the Win (a 100% pure truffle).

Amazingly that's not the best part. There's also a 100% chocolate Xbox wireless controller that is genuinely edible. Yep, you heard that right, if you've ever for some reason wondered how the RT button tastes, you can now find the answer. Well, that is provided you have one thing, a golden ticket.  

Xbox Series X chocolate

(Image credit: Microsoft)

That's right, rather than being sold as a stocking filler, you will have to enter and win a competition to win this unique Xbox. To enter simply follow Xbox on X/Twitter and retweet the sweepstakes tweet, you have until December 14th to enter. 

If you're unlucky with your entry then you will at least have another chance to win some Xbox goodies if you go into one of the Microsoft Experience Centers in Sydney, New York or London. There you'll find a tricksy Wonka-themed puzzle box that if you can solve will enter you into some more giveaways. 

Wonka will be available in cinemas from December 6th, and IMAX where I'm assuming you can taste the sweets through the screen. Now I can't help imagining all of the tech-themed sweets Wonka would have up his sleeve nowadays. The obvious answer is an Apple-flavoured iPhone, but how about a mushroom-themed Mario dish? 

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