5 ways I'm using my Echo Show smart display for a stress-free Christmas

From reading out recipes to control my Christmas lights, here’s 5 festive smart display hacks you need to try

Echo Show 8 surrounded by a festive garland
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I recently got the third generation of the Echo Show 8, and I can safely say it’s made organising my life much easier. From asking about the weather forecast to setting timers, having a smart display or the best smart speaker offers hands-free assistance that can leave you free to get more important things done… like enjoying the Christmas festivities.

I’m hosting Christmas Day this year, and I couldn’t be happier to have the Echo Show with me for Christmas. Not only is it going to make everything run smoother and more stress-free, but it’ll also set the tone for Christmas Day and get everyone into the festive mood.

Below are five ways I’m using my Echo Show 8 (3rd generation, 2023 release) to make your Christmas festive, fun and stress-free.

1. Set the mood with Christmas music

To set the mood of the day, I’ll mainly be using my Echo Show to play Christmas music. Linking up my Spotify account to the Echo Show means I can easily play Christmas songs, playlists, albums and carols with a touch of a button or via voice commands. For some fun for the kids, you can also ask Alexa what her favourite Christmas song is, and she’ll sing ‘Snacking Santa’ to you… trust me, it’s a confusing but funny listen!

2. Control my Christmas lights

My favourite thing about the Echo Show 8 is being able to connect all my smart home devices together in one place, like the best smart bulbs. Being able to quickly schedule when my lights come on and how bright they are gives me more control over my lighting and helps me save extra money on my electricity bills. During December, my bills will inevitably go up as I’m turning on extra lights from my Christmas tree. I’m currently enjoying using the Nanoleaf Matter Smart Holiday String Lights and I like using my Echo Show to turn them on with my voice and play around with the festive patterns and colours that Nanoleaf has on offer.

3. Read out my Christmas recipes

Someone using an Echo Show for recipes

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I’m cooking Christmas lunch this year and while I should get in a better habit of writing down my recipes, I tend to use my phone. But, there’s nothing worse than having your hands covered in uncooked food and having to tap your phone to read the next instruction in the recipe. So, I’m excited and relieved that I can use my Echo Show to read out my Christmas recipes so I don’t miss a step or get my phone dirty. I also use my Echo Show to set timers and ask it to announce to everyone when dinner is ready.

4. Play Christmas trivia and games

Games are one of my favourite parts of Christmas Day and I’m going to ask my Echo Show and Alexa for some help with this year’s activities. With the Alexa app, you can set up ‘Trivia’ so you can compete with your loved ones as Alexa asks you a list of festive themed trivia questions. In the Amazon Skills store, you can also enable Christmas themed games like Christmas Escape for more fun, plus you don’t have to worry about packing away any games pieces after you’ve crowned the winner.

5. Call friends and family to wish them a Merry Christmas

I’ll be spending Christmas with my close family and fiancé, but there are a few friends and family members that I’d like to call or contact on the day. While I could just use my phone, my Echo Show has my contacts list so I can quickly and easily video call friends and family to wish them a Merry Christmas. Another way to do this is by using the Alexa Drop-In feature where you can send audio messages to your family and friends who own an Echo device or have the Alexa app.

The Echo Show 8 will make a perfect Christmas present for a loved one this year. If you need more inspiration, check out these 15 Christmas gift ideas for your home.

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