5 viral TikTok hacks to help you fall asleep faster

Beat the clock change and drop off on cue

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In the UK, the clocks go back this Sunday 31 October. While it's all well and good to enjoy that extra hour in bed on Sunday morning, in reality the time change can mess up your sleep patterns, leaving you feeling jet lagged for up to a week. While the clocks change instantly, your internal body clock takes a lot longer to catch up.

We spoke to a sleep expert about exactly why this is the case, and their pro tips for dealing with it, but if you're after some more quick-fix tricks, where better to look than TikTok? Here are five hacks, including one ultra-popular, soothing ASMR video, that could help you drop off and get your body clock in line quicker, compiled courtesy of Love Hemp.

1. Watch this video

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a tingling sensation in the head or neck that can be brought on by a range of auditory or visual triggers. It can be relaxing or – in this writer's case – nausea-inducing. Assuming you're part of the first group, this POV video of TikToker Josie B 'aggressively applying your makeup' could be just the thing to help lull you to sleep. It's got 44M likes, so if you're into ASMR, this might be your Holy Grail.   


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2. Put some socks on

ASMR not doing it for you? Here's another easy one: pop some socks on. In her viral TikTok video, which has 3.6m views and counting, pediatrics resident Dr Jess Andrade explains that people who wear socks to bed drop off quicker. That's because socks warm your feet up, which in turn causes your body to cool down, helping signal that it's time for sleep. 


I wear socks to bed so don’t come at me im not weird

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3. Slow your heart rate with breathing techniques 

Dr Michael Bruce calls himself The Sleep Doctor, and presents this hack whilst lying in bed to really underline the point. His tip is to employ relaxing breathing exercises to help calm your body and lower your heart rate. The 4-7-8 technique involves breathing in for a count of 4, holding your breath for a count of 7, then breathing out for 8. 


Having a hard time falling back to sleep? Try the 4-7-8 breathing technique. ##sleeptok ##sleeptips ##insomnia ##breathingexercises ##insomniatok ##fypシ

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4. Eat a snack before bed 

This one's for anyone who finds themselves consistently waking up at 3am or 4am. Tiktok health coach Andy Jay says it's because your body is running out of glucose to use for energy, which sets off a chain reaction that causes your melatonin levels to drop, waking you up. To avoid a rude awakening in the wee small hours, Andy suggests having a snack that has both fat and sugar in it just before going to bed. He likes cheese and honey, which is pretty weird, but each to their own, we guess. 


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5. Limit the light

Our final hack pretty well known, but worth reiterating. Another popular TikTok tip from Dr Jess Andrade, this trick is to remove as much light as possible from your room when going to bed. Light from laptops and phone screens affects your body's melatonin production, which in turn impacts your circadian rhythm. Get your bedroom as dark as possible for a better night's sleep.


Who uses a night light in their room? Those are ok if you need them ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner

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