5 potential drone deals to hover over during Prime Day 2

The Prime Early Access Sale is upon us, and for those looking out for a new drone, that means there could be some bargains flying around

DJI Mini 3 Pro drone flying in a dramatic landscape
(Image credit: DJI / @Muratmcmxc)

Amazon's October Prime Day is here, so eagle-eyed and early bird shoppers now have the chance to swoop up some bargains before Black Friday and Christmas. If you’re looking for an opportunity to grab one of the best drones on the market at a less than sky-high price, now is a prime time to focus on some deals. 

DJI Mini 3 Pro on white background

(Image credit: DJI)

The new DJI Mini 3 Pro is the top of our tester’s list, and for good reason. This little beast boasts forward-, rear- and down-facing obstacle sensors, offers a flight time of up to 34 minutes, and a low-interference transmitter range of up to a phenomenal 7.4 miles. The Mini 3 Pro can shoot 4K video at 60fps and the camera is equipped with a wide f1.7 aperture for low-light shooting, and it has the wherewithal to be tilted vertically for Instagram and TikTok posting.

Autel Evo Nano+ on white background

(Image credit: Autel)

Running a very close second, though, is the incredible Autel Evo Nano+, which, on test, produced some dramatic cinematic results that very nearly tipped the Mini 3 Pro off the top spot. Weighing less than 250g, the Nano+ has a battery life of 28 minutes and a range of 6.2 miles. It too has 3-way obstacle avoidance control, and is capable of capturing superb 4K video and 50MP stills, even in low light. 

DJI Air 2S review

(Image credit: DJI)

Another high-flying performer is the DJI Air 2S, which our expert reviewer reckons is everything a camera drone should be: compact, light, quiet and packing some outstanding onboard tech, plus advanced remote controls. Already available at a mid-range price point, look out for deals on this model, which has a transmitter range of 12km and can shoot 5.4K video at 30fps (or 4K at 60fps), as well as 20MP stills.  

Ryze Trello

(Image credit: Ryze)

Already available for an excellent price is our tester’s pick of the best budget drone’s, the amazing little Ryze Tello, which punches well above its weight and price point partly because it has flight technology supplied by DJI. The Tello weighs just 80 grammes and measures 98mm at its widest point, but it can stay airborne for up to 13 minutes at a time and hover on the spot without GPS, and it has camera with digital image stabilisation that can shoot 720p video and 5mp stills.

Potensic A20W review

(Image credit: Potensic A20W)

And if you’re looking for a deal on a drone for a child, we can recommend keeping a close eye on the the Potensic A20W.  This easy to operate palm-sized drone that can be flown by pilots as young as 7, but which still packs a 480p camera - providing an ideal way for youngsters to get into aerial videography. It comes with a hand controller, to make it extra user friendly, has three speed options and boasts Altitude Hold, for great stability. And, because this drone is classified as an indoor toy, it doesn’t require registration with the CAA.

As you may have already guessed, the Prime Early Access sale is only open to Prime members, and note that, on 15th September 2022, the price of a Prime subscription went up. The monthly cost for standard Prime members is now £8.99 and the annual subscription is now £95. However, if you’re new to Prime, it’s available on a 30-day free trial for all new members, and you can cancel within that time without being charged, having scored yourself a bargain. If that appeals, sign up to Prime here.

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