4 things I want to see in a future Apple AirTag 2

With the latest rumors suggesting Apple could make a second AirTag model, this is what I want to see from the tracking device

Apple AirTag
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Apple AirTags have proved very handy for everything from finding your keys to tracking lost luggage or even cars. They've also proved controversial, as stories emerged of unwanted tracking or criminal activities, though updates to the audio alerts and finding functions should now prevent this. 

Overall though, it seems AirTags remain a popular product for Apple and that, according to respected Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo could mean an AirTag 2 being produced. While this is likely to be some time off yet, if the popularity continues, it's fair to assume a new version could appear in a year or so. 

Unlike more advanced products like the iPhone or MacBook, there's only so much an AirTag could do. There's definitely still room for improvement in the current product though. If a new AirTag is coming, here are three things I'd love to see on it. 

1. A flat version of the AirTag

The button styling of the AirTag is very tactile and means that it can easily fit into small spaces and accessories. However, there are some situations where other shapes would be more useful. 

Tile offers a flat credit-card-style version of its product that you can easily fit into a wallet. A flat version of the AirTag could certainly have benefits in much the same way. Many have also asked for a hole to be added so that you can attach it directly to a keychain. Whether Apple would be prepared to sacrifice the accessory need though, is another question. 

2. Family sharing options

This is something that could probably be added to the current AirTag through an update, but is also something that could differentiate a new model. There are likely items that you can attach an AirTag to that you'd want everyone in your family to be able to find – that TV remote, a spare key, maybe the dog – so having the option to add AirTags to family sharing or have multiple user permissions would be handy. 

In much the same way as you would control a digital lock, a shared AirTag would still need one admin user who could then allow access to others. This actually has lots of potential uses for the AirTag that aren't an option right now. 

3. Wireless charging

AirTag batteries are designed to last around one year, and can be replaced once they run out – much like the Tile. However, it feels like offering a form of wireless charging could be handy. 

Even if the battery doesn't last quite as long, being able to top it up using a charging mat – or MagSafe from the back of your iPhone could be really neat. It's possible a chargeable version could live alongside the current battery option to gauge interest. 

4. More accessories

The current size and shape of the AirTag means that for most uses you really need some kind of accessory to hold it. Whether that's to attach it to your keyring or bag, or stick it to a larger item. 

While third-party companies are getting quite inventive with their options, I'd love to see some more genuine Apple options for accessories to attach the AirTag to more than just a key ring. Like these dog collar accessories, or these Pelican stick-on mounts.

Mat Gallagher

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