3D Printers leads to rise in personalised sex toys

Companies offering open source designs to be personalised

Give the human race a new technology and you can be sure that within a matter of months we can relate it to bedroom antics. Well, looks like 3D printing is no different

The falling cost of 3D printers has apparently seen a huge rise in demand for, believe it or not, personalised sex toys according to an article by Dezeen, an architecture and design magazine.

This rather unusual use for the 3D printer has risen to prominence after it was revealed that a large number of companies are now popping up to offer open source designs which can then be personalised and printed by people in their own homes.

Not only is there the benefit of being able to completely customise the design but also it removes the added potential embarrassment of receiving the object in the post.

Jelle Plantenga, a designer for Dutch 'Gentlemen's jewellery' Velv'Or rather unfortunately states that the trend "has the potential to grow very big".

According to the site they did contact two major manufacturers of 3D printers but were met with silence from one and a statement from the other saying that: "what people do with our printers once they've bought them is up to them".

Just recently it was revealed that a Dutch architect is planning to build a house using just a 3D printer despite the fact the technology is still relatively young.

Source: Dezeen

Thomas Tamblyn

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