3 must-play PS5 games under £10

Great games with puny prices

Ghostrunner action shot
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PS5 Games can be expensive these days and no one wants to waste their hard-earned cash on a dud. Luckily Sony’s Days of Play sale is back again to keep us all indoors while the summer sun shines.

There are some big discounts on the likes of Gran Turismo 7 and God of War but they are still more expensive than buying all three of the games I’m about to recommend combined.  

1. Metro Exodus - £4.99

Metro Exodus

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This is a frankly absurd price for one of the best single-player shooters of the last decade. Metro Exodus may be the third game in the Metro trilogy but you don’t need to have played the others, I came at it blind and still think about the story often. Set in post-nuclear Russia, this is one of the best-looking and most atmospheric FPS games imaginable. The fact that there is a dedicated button to wipe moisture from your character’s radiation mask should tell you just how immersive this game is.

In a break from the rest of the series, the game offers several open-world environments to explore with hidden missions, gear and stories around every corner. But don’t worry Metro fans, it also still has plenty of tense dark corridors with nasties just itching to jump out and get you. 

2. Hades - £9.99 (with a PS Plus subscription)

Hades PS5

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If you’ve already got a PlayStation Plus subscription (of any tier) you can grab Hades for under a tenner. The game’s 93% Metacritic score and 10/10 Steam rating speak for themselves but if you need more, it also won the BAFTA for Best Game in 2021 ahead of The Last of Us Part II

You play as Zagreus, son of Hades, in a hack-and-slash style Rogue-lite that has bundles of replay value. After proving your worth each Greek God you meet along the way will offer you a boon, boosting your strength as you desperately try to leave the underworld.

Not just a gameplay revelation, Hades is also known for its incredible dialogue, character development and soundtrack. All in all, this is a gaming God at a devilish price. 

3. Ghostrunner - £9.99


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With the sequel announced at the recent PlayStation Showcase, now is the perfect time to get obsessed with Ghostrunner. This lightning-fast cyberpunk slasher combines Mirror’s Edge and sharp swordplay to create something truly unique. It’s not easy, but this is exactly the kind of game that demands just “One more go” each time you fall short. 

An addictive adventure that bleeds cool. If you’ve ever wanted to be a badass cyborg ninja, Ghostrunner is the definitive experience. If you love The Matrix, John Wick and 47 Ronin (other Keanu Reeves movies are available), then you will fall in love with this game. 

Andy Sansom
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