15 minutes and a resistance band is all you need to tone your arms and upper body

Tone up using resistance bands with this quick low-impact home workout

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While on the surface resistant bands may appear lightweight and innocuous when compared to dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells, you shouldn't underestimate their power. Used correctly, this figure-transforming bit of latex can help achieve most fitness goals, especially if this goal is to tone the arms and the upper body as a whole, as this workout clearly exemplifies.  

The beauty of resistance bands is that they have the ability to target a wide range of muscle groups and can be used by both beginners and pros. When you add resistance to any area, your muscles are put under tension during the eccentric and concentric exercise phases. So when your muscles are under constant tension throughout the entire range of motion of the exercise, it will lead to a fitter, leaner and more toned body. 

Bands come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from flat, loops and tubes in handles so you can choose the best design fit for your needs. I have one in my suitcase for a hotel workout during my travels. And while resistance bands can help build muscle, they are also a mighty piece of kit for strength, stretching, mobility and rehabilitation purposes.  

Ready to give the resistance band workout a go? Grab your band, head over to your mat and wave goodbye to those bingo wings.

Rachel Lawrence's 15 Min Upper Body Resistance Band Workout: How to do it

YouTube sensation Rachel Lawrence, better known as ‘The Girl With The Pilates Mat’, shares her complete upper body resistance band workout with a series of short exercise reps to tone the arms, shoulders and upper back. The workout is suitable for beginners as well as pros as all you need to do is adjust the band to make the workout easier or tougher depending on your needs.  

Here is how to split the workout: 

  • Right hand grip
  • Bicep curls x 12 
  • Lateral raise x 10 
  • Front raise x 7 
  • Forward side circle x 7 
  • Overhead triceps stretch x 8 
  • Half overhead triceps pulses x 32 
  • Left hand grip 
  • (Repeat as the right hand grip)
  • Active Recovery
  • Overhead shoulder stretch x10 
  • Elbows in side stretch x8 
  • (Shoulder roll active recovery x 4) 
  • Chest stretch x8 
  • (Shoulder roll active recovery x 4) 
  • Elbows in side stretch x 6 
  • Chest stretch x 6

This workout will also target your core as you have to resist the movements by stabilising your body while standing. Rachel advises doing this workout two to three times a week for maximum benefits.

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