2 dumbbells, 4 exercises and this home workout to build arm and back muscles

15 minutes is all you need to increase muscle size in both your arms and your upper back

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Quick question: What muscle do you need to work to have arms as big as Chris Hemsworth's? Maybe the forearm? Or the biceps? How about the shoulder? No, no and no. To reach peak arm, you need to focus on your triceps, the muscle at the back of the upper arm – that helps you build arm girth the fastest. And with this arm and upper back workout, you can grow bigger arms, shoulders, and a strong back using only two dumbbells. 

As well as increasing upper arm circumference, completing triceps exercises can help stabilise your shoulders and increase your arms' flexibility and range of motion. Additionally, you are less likely to develop a rotator cuff injury if you strengthen this muscle area. Enough teasing, though; let's start working out!

In this workout, our instructor invites us to complete a 15-minute workout focusing on strengthening your triceps, biceps, shoulders and back. All that is required are a pair of light dumbbells as we proceed through 4 exercises, with 12 repetitions, each lasting for 3 sets. The exercises:

  • Zottman curl 
  • Underhand rear delt raise 
  • Tricep push-up 
  • Single-arm floor press (6 reps for each arm) 

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