2 dumbbells, 10 moves, and 20 minutes to build muscle all over your body

Put your new weights to good use with this dumbbell home workout

One arm dumbbell row
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Did you buy a dumbbell this January, maybe after perusing T3's best dumbbell and best adjustable dumbbell guides? Good for you! The next step is to start using them for workouts, and this home dumbbell workout is an excellent way to go, especially if you want to use the dumbbells for building muscle. 

Dumbbells are hugely popular for building strength and muscle mass, especially if you progress to heavier weights. Apart from the fact dumbbell workouts will eventually help you build muscle, they can also help prevent muscle asymmetries as you train and develop each side of your body simultaneously. Dumbbell workouts can improve your muscle stabilisation as numerous exercises engage your core to help maintain good form and avoid strain on vulnerable areas such as your lower back.

In the video above, everyone's favourite body coach, Joe Wicks, challenges us with a 23-minute, full-body, heavy dumbbell session. Joe performs 10 exercises lasting for 45 seconds, followed by a 25-second rest. These exercises should be completed for two circuits. The exercises featured in the video are: 

  • Reverse lunge on each leg/ followed by a double bicep curl
  • Dumbbell snatch on each arm
  • Right arm thruster/followed by a squat 
  • Push-up toe touches 
  • Left arm thruster/followed by squat 
  • Elbow plank
  • Floor press 
  • Lateral plank walk 
  • Lateral lunge 
  • Shoulder press with a push bounce 

Enjoyed this workout and are keen to try other heavy-dumbbell routines? We challenge you to take on this epic chest and shoulder muscle home workout or try the best dumbbell exercises for every body part as recommended by the Head of Sports Science at Sports Performance Lab, Erin Kloosterman.

Going hard on dumbbell use but want to avoid blistered palms? Protect your hands by wearing gym gloves. Lastly, if you enjoy using heavy dumbbells but would like more support for your back, using one of the best weight benches can help you prevent debilitating pain. 

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