10 minutes is all you need to strengthen your inner thighs with this lower-body workout

Join Alo Moves instructor Bianca Melas in this T3-exclusive, low-impact inner thigh workout

Inner Thigh Power Workout – A Look into Bianca’s Power Pilates Series
(Image credit: Alo Moves/Bianca Melas)

Leg workouts often focus on the quadriceps (or quads), hamstrings (front and back of thighs, respectively), and glutes. And this is all fine, as some of those muscles are the largest in the body and require the most work to maintain and grow. However, you shouldn't ignore smaller muscles in your legs, like the inner thighs, that play a vital role in how you move and how strong your lower body is.

Considering the size of the inner thigh muscles, especially compared to the quads, it doesn't take long to exercise them properly. This 10-minute inner thigh pilates flow can be performed on its own or added as a finisher to a longer leg workout. You only need a pilates ball or a small round object to hold and squeeze between your legs. Today's instructor is the wonderful Bianca Melas from Alo Moves, who we already worked with on another T3-exclusive glute home workout.

Alo Moves Instructor Bianca Melas performing a pilates workout
Bianca Melas

Bianca is an accredited Pilates instructor and certified BHSC clinical naturopath based in Sydney, Australia. To her, movement is both an outlet and a powerful tool for remaining in tune with her body. She works to empower her clients with the knowledge that movement can serve as medicine and heal the body in unimaginable ways.

Inner Thigh Power Workout with Bianca Melas

This 10-minute inner thigh workout is slightly different from the workouts we usually do here on T3. Instead of resp and sets, let Bianca guide you through this pilates session, where you'll flow from one exercise to the other in one continuous movement. One common denominator in all moves is the pilates ball, which you should keep firmly between your legs throughout the workout.

The first half of the session centres around the mighty squat with pulses and arm pulls peppered into the exercise as you go along. During the second half, you'll work on the mat as well as standing up, so it's best to get your exercise mat ready before the session starts. If you haven't got one, check out T3's best yoga mat guide.

If you liked this workout, you must check out Bianca's 14-Day Power Pilates series that will help you experience all of the mind-body benefits of Pilates for yourself, including improved core strength and posture, increased flexibility, balance and mobility, boosted mood and energy, reduced stress and improved sleep. This new program is designed to bring you the best in beginner Pilates exercises. Each class is only 20 minutes, and the intensity increases throughout the program.

For more lower-body exercises, check out the best leg workouts overall and the best leg workouts for women. There is also this 15-minute bodyweight leg workout or a 6-minute no-equipment leg workout for bigger calves. Finally, this 20-minute knee-friendly leg workout is the one to try for those who prefer not to do any squats.

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